There isn’t a more interesting answer for “why the hell are these here, and why are there three of them spaced and placed identically everywhere?”

They didn’t have the Internet.

They didn’t have aeons of human history.

They didn’t have phD’s in coffee brewing.

They ruled entire societies based on the transit of celestial bodies and their placement relative to pyramids , keystones, markers on bluffs etc.

And your “experts” are damn well aware that the inner core of the earth spins around inside of the earth on a roughly 70 year cycle (1954 anyone? Muh Golden Atomic Age? Muh Russia Russia Russia? Muh “silent world war 3”?) and causes a lot of issues with solar cycles, circadian rhythms, human health , volcanic activity and so forth – and they have just spent the last 7 years or so doing all of this garbage to all of us and using it as an excuse to grab even more cash and power than they already have.

“Hurry! We had better get another fully funded and armed disaporia out of this crisis!”

As the current cycle adjusts and things improve, the current and incoming administrations will take credit for everything even though their nominees are literally too dumb to configure their own email accounts on their iPads.

SEE! All the medicine WORKED!

See my post about the CDC changing the definition of AIDS in 1993. Oh, look at that , AIDS deaths went down, mission accomplished! Her husband did it, why wouldn’t she have?

The Orange Vaccine Salesman would not hesitate to say that he had Made America Great Again.

Almost, you could say, just like 1954 again.

And then they’ll do it all over again in 60-70 years if any of us are even left. You’re doing everything in your power to make sure we’re not.

The “United States” has been through roughly three of these cycles in the time that has passed since its formation. So let me get this straight, we go “full Weimar” roughly every 70 years or so?

What next? love, drugs, a new age of whatever , and 50-60 years of mindless consoomerism until we’re rattling our sabers, salivating over our next impending looting of the treasury, our next diaspora, our next private gated communities in Hawaii and New Zealand, Balkanizing whatever’s left of our land again if there is even any of us left, going full Weimar again, and back on the verge of “nuclear war” with Russia Russia Russia all over again? Is there some reason the biblical types always say the “peace” found after the tribulation is “false” and won’t last?

Like maybe a good scientific or geological or cyclical explanation, since “experts” hate the Bible and religion so god damned much?

I guess we aren’t an advanced species. We never found intelligent life on earth or colonized earth successfully.