It would be to attach yourself to someone else’s egregore.

Become — the “president” of the “United States.”

Become — the “owner” of “Twitter.”

It’s like the moon landing and 9/11: If everyone thinks that these events happened, then they happened.

These events must never ever be questioned.

If there’s a group of people who remember something else happening…

Whose consensus reality wins?

Tear down the statues and buildings.

Ever closer to two timelines being one shitty singularity…

Lie, cheat, steal, whatever you have to destroy to make the one you’re conquering close to yours.

Everyone knows that ___________.

“we’re running out of time “

For what?

To be the one that said “fuck you” and have even a remote chance of survival as a species while yours evaporates?

It doesn’t matter if you believe in egregores, a crazed multibillionaire who believes in that (or worse, i.e. “religion”) can destroy your country and planet.

If they’ll go to such lengths to subvert your will on election day, what do you think they’ll do in office?

People like Bill Gates and his villainous, heinous, yet ultimately failed Dr. Claw-tier schemes to destroy the world such as his “Windows ™”? operating system? An egregore in the same sense that Hitler is.

Except you can probably go out on the Internet and at least find SOMEONE who admires Hitler or can name one good thing he did for his country.

They’re probably a fed trying to entrap you but I only said it would “SOMEONE” out there.

* * I’m a ConSpIrAcY ThEoRiSt so OFC I believe that Bill and Melinda died in 2013 from a hot batch of homemade Crispr and that Melinda is played by Kevin Kline now. What the hell do you want from me when you relegate me to containment/entrapment forums like 4chan and Gab? A photo of my breakfast? /s

We played the long game.

You played the wrong game.

“Fuck you.”