I told you the #twitterfiles shit was a scumbag operation , nothing has changed other than Twitter begging “influencers” and “promoters”to come back while still telling millions of conservatives and wrongthoonkers to get fucked. Oh nooooo we can’t pay our bills and have to fire thousands of people. How could this have ever happened? Could have improved your revenue situation OVERNIGHT by going through your OUBLIETTE of ban appeals. Twitter had a duty to act in a manner which was fiscally responsible and maximally profitable to their former shareholders, and failed to do so due to back room deals, bribery , publicly self-admitted mismanagement and political bias. I hope every god damn one of them sues you this week.

Bro, have you ever actually run a business before, or does Bill Gates just put your name on the deeds ? Is Elon even alive , or is this an AI subroutine written with an IQ about 20 points higher on average than Twitter’s “blue check” users? AI doesn’t persistently store things it learns. Like, what , Elon is “liking” a status about the aftermath of Twitter’s (alleged) assistance in fucking with a foreign countries election?

Which country? LOL.


I take back what I said about Eliza. This is some/ fucking scumbaggery and life ruining horseshit. The exact same kind these people double down on when they say I “broke a rule” or posted “misinformation.”

I survived that, all of that, just for these motherfuckers to tighten the screws on my coffin and throw me in the garbage for what I hope everyone understands by now is a demented political posture , to be won “by any means” including destroying nearly every single relationship I had – Trump is a fucking national embarrassment, so is Biden, are we good ? Probably not. That’s the real reason I can’t fucking stand these people. Shunning and disassociating like that, you’re no better than the Jehovahs (and sundry other cults) disowning their gay children and never speaking to them again.

Eliza and Elon ruined Yoel Roth’s life scapegoating him as though he “ran” Twitter as the effective “CEO” and was responsible for all its bad decisions — which would necessarily mean that every single one of their filings to the SEC which asserted that Jack ran the company and “resigned” as its “CEO” were fraudulent on their face to the SEC and Twitter’s shareholders.

Part of your fiscal duty to your former shareholders involves truthfully representing who the fuck even ran your publicly traded company. You tell the SEC it’s Jack. Eliza and Elon say it’s Yoel. Which one of you does the SEC need to bar from ever being a key figure in a publicly traded company again for securities fraud? Participating in a scheme to misrepresent key management is fraud. Fuck you for accusing me of disseminating more misinformation — beyond shitposting and deliberately fucking with specific operations — on your platform than you can find on any of Twitter’s SEC filings.

Almost all DOMESTIC (US) PsyOps originate on Twitter. They shitlist anyone with two brain cells to rub together , who dare to challenge their morning dose of DARPA propaganda and e-celebrity horseshit. I have nothing bad to say about Yoel other than having the poor judgement of accepting an offer from that asshole fucking company. Book on Grindr hookups! Ha! *queefs out an entire encyclopedia*

Fuck these people. Here’s the video on WSH. You tell me what a liar she is.

Eliza, you’re part of the problem.

Enjoy the bread and circuses , you’re being distracted again.