It’s a good book , alright?

If Sheldrake is “all in” on humans having an individual and shared consciousness, why would it be that far of a stretch for individual atoms , subatomic particles, and/or cells to have an individual and/or shared consciousness?

(What the hell else would Qi be?)

And to 1) either arrive at an ever evolving consensus on the current ideal configuration of the universe or its contents .. meaning the universe isn’t static and that it’s constituent components also exhibit consciousness and cooperation- at this point, in an arguably superior fashion than humans are capable of anymore-


.. 2) to be directly influenced by solar cycles, flares, gamma radiation, and such if you want to be all scientific about it or whatever …

… or

3) information travels in band of background radiation that travels at a different speed or is so shaped , to travel slowly enough relative to the speed of the earth; such that enough of the entire earth would pass through it to reach enough of a similar species in one pass, so as to influence the behavior of the others in due time.

It “could” gallop or refract , sorta ( /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ ) in a waveform where it wouldn’t otherwise violate constraints on the speed of light per we because it’s not traveling in a straight line. You can absolutely get information about a person or object by blasting enough energy through it and reading it. Same principle.

When the sun shines on you, particles of you reach the sun at roughly the same speed. This would be something that isn’t traveling -> <- -> <- for whatever reason.

That could mean “womp, womp” for the static universe unless it’s not naturally occurring (ie by technological means) and therefore outside of any notion of “universal” “law.” It’s something they probably / could / definitely would exploit, abuse, and use for their endless surveillance ambitions so don’t count on anyone to ever tell you it exists or how it works even if they do have a grasp on it.

And yes I’m still sober, I’m interested in something besides tugging on my ding dang TYVM.

For at least some time in the extremely recent past our minutes were running for less than 60 full seconds .. if you didn’t miss that between all the other ridiculous , distracting headlines last year .. and that fact alone throws a lot of our current understanding out the window.