I am convinced that I don’t have any actual readers and that Universal Music Group just sends 500 interns a day to make sure I’m not sharing any music.

Disclaimer on the archives: part of my left ventricle is dead and im remission from cancer. I’m not an “anti vaxxer,” but had and continue to have reservations about a specific type. I started getting incredibly pissed off at being “banned for life” in the most vindictive manner possible with no recourse for appeal and/or due process to the extent that it’s allegedly at the behest of my government or activist tech workers on their payroll – for asking questions relevant to informed consent, triggering Twitter’s 6 and 7-figure benefactors and/or making statements that are now trumpeted all over the fucking news or accepted as fact today , I still remain in exile. Label yourselves. I’ve already been doxxed, fucked with, threatened, deplatformed, and called every goddamn thing imaginable for a full quarter of my life at this point.

I’ve been unceremoniously ripped from family and acquaintances 30+ times now between Twitter.gov and Facebook.gov at this point. Fuck those clowns. I wager my “misinformation” and bullshit has far been far less deadly and dangerous to health and society than Twitter and Facebook’s misinformation has.