This newsletter I referenced the other day named the practice of parking manufacturing and other service jobs just over the border as “near shoring.”

They didn’t say who was moving what to which side of the border. And I don’t know if this even portends well for me.

No advice or names for you, you’ve ignored every damn other thing I’ve ever fucking said.

Maybe we’re going to put some factories up on your side of the border and Make America Great Someday.

The new joke is “What do Mexicans have in common with Americans? They don’t want to work anymore, either.”

I am going to fucking DIE laughing if Mexico does pay for a wall.

To keep America out.

Very sad that Shiloh is not here to celebrate aids day with my “perverted, scrawny, diseased and dying ass,” RIP John. Happy aids day, everyone! I bet you self centered and selfish bastards didn’t even buy me a card!