The axiom is “as above, so below.”

It’s more like “as above, so below, except when it isn’t.” Symmetry: polarity and hemispheres are the same thing.

Except when they’re not , when you are not the observer from your place and your “present” as illustrated above from an observer above.

If things were different I’d tell Brandon that 2 – 7 (27) are succession/change and revelation.

I say “they’ll never believe me.”

“no one believes what I tell them already anyway.”

Someone really seems to have a problem with my imagination. I don’t know what “time” travel is because I don’t know what “time “ is, I know what “here” and “now” are just like anybody else.

suppose bifurcation and memory had components — whether genetic , artificial, or induced ( lots of creepy Ted talks to unpack that give one the impression there’s a great desire to INDUCE it in an unsuspecting , unwitting, unwilling population)

As to whatever that may be , I tell you, I sold my house because of that fucking high pitched screeching tone piercing my home 24/7/365 that I could prove the existence of with a frequency spectrum analyzer I’d borrow from work but nobody in local or state government wanted to return my fucking calls or emails and I said fuck taxation without representation.” Well now it’s been here, its three times as high it comes from all directions .. now it’s 19.9-21khz at 30db they use these tones for commercial insect repellants… for fuck sake and it never fucking stops and to make a long story short it induces hypnosis.

This is why I fucking HATE big tech, Silicon Valley, and asshats like Bill and ELON. Fuck environmental wellness and health, lets just keep poisoning the emf spectrum with MORE TECHNOLOGY, MUST CONSOOOM. While theyre feeding us shovels full of silicon dioxide (e551) , quartz reactive POWDER they glaze your fucking doughnuts and everything else with — this is the shit that brings computer chips to life — under these nauseating 50hz “energy efficient” lights — staring out into the void of artificial light (lies) behind your screen for 8-12 hours a day wondering “HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING?” Delete. Your. Fucking. Company. Moron. Yes I can hear a CRT, yes, I can hear tones you claim that I can’t, and it is relentless, incapacitating torture! I am not in China with the door welded shut but i may as well be! people are extremely ill — least of all myself — and dropping DEAD left and right … and its not from gardening or shaking the duvet on the bed too hard. next question!

Speaking of the spectrum analyzer.. ive never stolen one, just borrowed one.. its what theyre there for .. I know a thing or two about sitting in a laboratory being bombarded with EMF/RF from 100 different sources. No wonder my heart mains shrunk and I keeled over on the job. Every year I have to go through this bullshit annual review for my benefits while they deliberately ignore that whole area.

— there are people who have survived a new Holocene , and the end of one at least one “holocaust,” with no reference whatsoever intended to be made for any of the 7-10+ periods from +/- 1900 on forward that they have used that word to mean something different, we’re still here , I was given visions of the bitch going black and white like an X-ray since I was a CHILD — I’ve given examples from NY Times and others — it’s like when the Armageddon crazies used that word repeatedly in 1985, 1912 etc and yet we are still here… unless we’re not …

What would you encounter people indulging in strife over? My sins? My trespasses? My debts? What would you call the theme of the strife this time around? Did we survive those and possibly alter the “Lord’s Prayer” a few times to fit the contemporary warfare .. whatever it looks like …

It’s not myself that I worry about. It’s just that when evil reveals itself to me sufficiently, that I question god or whether the path forward or backwards is assured anymore, it is over whether I’m done or not.