Interesting morning for some frens I cross streams with when I piss in the punch bowl and I haven’t even had breakfast yet. I don’t want to be “right” or “first,” I’m horrified to be heard dead last and the resulting din you hear won’t come from me , it’ll be from my only damn friends left in this godforsaken hellhole saying THEY told you so.

I will not be accused of “abandoning “ the money changers liars grifts and frauds who have been hissing at me in my email for months , in some cases years, telling me that I already have “abandoned” them. Not a single fucking one of you responded to me. 

Ted Cruz told me to go contact my “own state’s” representatives yet always takes Bibi’s calls and never suggests that Bibi should contact “his own lawmakers” at home.

Fun fact: Although I formerly owned a house in Arizona and had standing to contact my then-Attorney General, my then-Governor, or my then- so-called “representatives” or bring suit in what WAS my domicile at that time I (still) own recreational land in Ted Cruz’s district. That guy can go fuck himself!

I am not a confused child , contacting my so called representatives and playing a game of “are YOU my mommy?” I hate this fucking son of a bitch.

Having reached out to other Attorney Generals, state legislatures , so on and so forth — including AOC, Ilhan Omar, my birth state’s Attorney General (Wisconsin), and even Kamala Harris — probably the only “sort of” polite letter she’s received in the entire time she’s been installed in that office like a cheap toilet, I hope her staff at least cackled the way she does at it – among others who are NOT my so called “representatives,” in places where I do not live or work or own property was an act of desperation because my so-called “representatives” are corrupt swamp scum who will not give me the time of day.

And I am not taking “go away child” for an answer.

He also comes and goes to and from Mexico as he pleases and there’s no problem there.

It is *you* that has abandoned *me*, not one god damn CENT for you.

Ignoring you, as you have ignored me, is one thing. I am going to tell you a thing or two about what abandoning you will look like in a minute.

As for Ronna Romney and her GOP selling my information to anyone who wants it, so they can send me garbage like that 7 or 8 times a day …. depart from me. I never knew you.

Just like anybody else , I have no idea what the bad orange man has up his sleeve today but I hope the entire crowd boos as loudly and angrily as possible if it’s anything less than picrel:

I am not watching it. I don’t care if it is exactly as “historical” as promised. Never mind watching history, participate in it. I will be going to bed and letting CNN tell me what to think about it in the morning like a normal person.

Now I don’t know about this because I’m banned from all the safe spaces and hugboxes like and , relegated to a few clicky circle jerks that have even more bots and spooks than either one of them , but I don’t know what to say other than this asshole prison planet has treated me about as hatefully and as viciously as it could possibly manage to ever since I was a toddler, heaven only knows why I’m not just keeping my mouth shut or screaming “let it burn” with the edomites.

Speaking of , I don’t know what Musk’s deal is or whether he’s a black hat or a white hat or an ass hat , but I’m an old battered battle axe from Silicon Valley, and I have previously publicly said — not to a be gossip or impolite about it , this the naked indisputable truth here , what we chit chat about when I tell younger people they are ridiculous for leaving a company that treats you generously or even like a human being in that industry — talk of working for Tesla terrifies half the industry, especially if you’re too much of a fuckup to at least punch in at some time on the same DAY you’re scheduled to work. I am telling you exactly why blue and purple wigs started fucking exploding when they found out who the new sheriff in town would be. Legendary strict disciplinarian, I hate twitter so damn much , aside from being an actually decent PRODUCT , run by a horrible company packed to the roof with horrible people , and I need to rephrase this carefully: If I had $50 billion dollars in my pocket I would just as soon board it up and salt the earth if Elon declines my offer to go be a bull in a china shop with no other request than to make the pink wigs start on fire on Wednesdays.

I’ve had a CEO or C-Suite level person or two who is well aware of my idiosyncrasies and my blog, who has laughed like a madman lighting my fuse and lobbing me into a few dysfunctional organizations or environments more than once, even being so insane or just aggravated enough with a new team to rehire me on purpose. I’m known for results, not pleasantries. The industry term for this is “transformational radical” and I was willing to bet the house on the bad orange man being one of those things as well. Damn it I love the silver hair , but I have reached my threshold for “promises” made by America.

I used to be more than a little pissed off about what my publicly expressed support for the bad orange man cost me in terms of social standing and so called friendships but other flat out deal breakers have arisen with those people since the 2016 election where I would gladly see myself out. None of that matters anymore. I’m in Mexico, I like Mexico I like Mexicans and strangers here are kinder than those “friends.” I get a little dizzy and can’t tolerate the heat anymore but I would offer to weakly help you haul some bricks to build a wall and keep America out.

I have kicked and screamed my way through my quota of scrums and I’m running on fumes, unfortunately my ass is retired and Elmo’s ticker is shit even without the damn shot. I have direct experience with the attitude of software wonks and idiot savants in technology who know damn well their shit is broken and just giggle and say “OOPS! Oh well , ship it anyway!!” We’ll just release a service pack, OOPS, I mean, a booster later!

No thank you, letting your industry anywhere near my brain or genes terrifies me enough to dodge the alpha and beta or possibly completely altogether unless I will die if I *dont.* between HIV, heart failure and myocarditis going back to at least 2017 (I know a thing about it already ok), being 28 years in remission from cancer etc, my days of just jamming a needle of whatever I’m offered by some stranger are far behind me, I am too fragile to jump on top of that grenade.

Even if you might be the only people who kind of understand how shit works. After Bill Gates? I would rather not segfault while I’m gardening. Just say no. As forcefully as necessary.Tesla over there is going to program my ass to walk into a guard rail at 80 miles an hour and burst into flames here, the only difference being whether I’m killed out of malice or incompetence here I have every right to be terrified. Unlike some of these people, I believe in God and I would rather take my chances with Señor Muerte than Bill Gates, my previous QA team, or the entire faculty of Stanford.

I walk back a teeny tiny bit of my rant about NBC. It’s about time they started checking their own damn facts instead of me doing that for them. Few edits later, I am done with the soap box. 

“Ship it.”