Now that war is peace, freedom is slavery, tomatoes are fruit, ketchup is a smoothie, and a minute lasts 59 seconds… 

(1)due to the creation or the destruction of massive hydroelectric dams *redistributing* mass on the earth’s surface

(2) these dams also cause drought conditions , you don’t have local rain if you’ve condensed all of your moisture and precipitation into one massive geographical area.

If facts no longer matter in public office or on television or in the Washington Post (whose new motto should be “every section is the opinion section”) or the New York Times , then kiss my ass, “facts” no longer matter on this blog. 

You realize that this means your prior computations of cycles per seconds are going to be wrong, calculations of clock speed megahertz or megaflops or teraflops per second will be reduced — and a good deal of code that creates cascading overlapping timers based on the assumption that a minute lasts 60 seconds so that scheduled tasks , triggers , and such don’t crash into each other — OR AS A WORKAROUND DUE TO CPU ARCHITECTURE (3) — is going to start fucking up , right?

“We went to the moon once before, why can’t we just use the old software?”

Because 1) none of this code would work precisely again today if it ever even worked at all (they’ve lied about everything else after all) and we’re neither in the same relative space nor distance anymore. Unlike humans, planetary and universal mechanics have all the “time” in the world to do whatever the fuck they want, including cycles of unexpected or erratic behavior that have been established for far longer than our ability to calculate or predict them. Many others suspect and are willing to elaborate on their own theories that we’re somewhere near the cusp of some type of cyclical disaster and I have my own about the Mayan calendar thing .. I suppose someone out there might be interested in saving aeons of human history or humanity itself but as for me, if only I had a big enough match to burn it myself. Come on, blow the fucking trumpets already. What are you waiting for, God? A miracle or a sign from these peopleGod sure as fuck must know something about you hideous idiots that I don’t , but s/he is, after all, God.

Surely a “minute” being reduced by an entire second and a day being reduced by almost an entire half minute would not present any issue whatsoever with the “settled” studies of “science” “math” “physics” and/or “technology.” Or get us ever closer to the asteroid that usually misses us except when it doesn’t. Hell it could influence people’s cardiac health and circadian cycles.Time could theoretically be a dimension but in algebraic parlance, time is not a constant, it is the penultimate “x” that you will be attempting to resolve eternally. This discovery should be bigger news than it IS right now , other than the fact that some in the field would rather be dead than corrected.

So, it’s a very … oh.. you know, the thing .. to say “oh okay, we have stolen all the technology and knowledge, we can fire and kill everyone who made it now.”

But if you don’t know how to design it, it will go into entropy. If your only talents are THEFT violence, appropriation, and stolen valor or intellectual property you will never pick up the pieces.

“just die already you stupid white redneck!”

Why? so you can help our species evolve by slurping corn syrup , refusing to reproduce , buying Apple products, piercing your vagina, and angrily mashing your keyboard on Twitter or Reddit? I assume you believe in evolution? 

What happens to species or a society who evolves so greatly that they intentionally castrate themselves, casually murder their offspring, and no longer reproduce?

That’s interesting; Speaking of things that could be disruptive to your physiology — INTENTIONALLY with designer drugs as mentioned in this discussion — or just accidentally — I sarcastically wonder why people are exposed to different wavelengths of light these days. 50hz energy efficient bulb (left) vs clear 60hz incandescent bulb (right). “There’s no difference!” Feeling depressed and unwell in your energy efficient LED flooded box lately? I don’t even know how any of you CAN “read a book” under these lighting conditions. The same people informing us on this matter also claim UV-C isn’t present on earth when it’s recently been recorded in Florida. You are light. You are magnetic. The correct word for your magnetism is paramagnetism. The cells in your body travel due to magnetic attraction. They’re not just wandering around in your body aimlessly on interstate 90 , high on LSD at the wheel of a Honda Prelude like some of us.Your paramagnetic properties as an individual and as a group are disrupted by pole and axis shifts. Light is magnetic. How is that you understand how light and magnetism come together to create your bodies while you do not understand how they come together to create the very plane that we exist on? Are the bones in your body and the mass you are made of , not just as solid as the very ground upon which we stand ?

certain mainframe code that has timers and triggers based on specific cpu architecture will never directly port from its original architecture over to an emulator on x86/Intel without revision. This has implications for middleware and transactional / financial use cases where mere MILLISECONDS count enough for the CBOE to make a multi million dollar move of their entire fucking exchange to New York to save 2 milliseconds, now you’re telling me that an entire fucking minute is missing per hour, and everything’s fine? 

This could be a plausible use case for whatever this goddamn IBM thing this John Titor person was after but that could just as easily have been someone indulging in internet fantasy while factually dealing with an issue like this in the field under NDA (or just being anticompetitive in the services industry in general) without really wanting to disclose something they had probably already figured out by then. My favorite personal “Titor” theory is that it was someone in the field attempting a migration no other company could crack, fishing for anyone out there who had additional information about something they were not expecting in the ordinary course of attempting to virtualize everything on wintel, Peoplesoft, etc 🤢🤮 and had not quite arrived at a conclusion about yet and were just lying because solving it would be advantageous for competitive reasons as a solutions provider if nobody but IBM itself knew the answer. If IBM THEMSELVES even knew the answer anymore. Which would be a really embarrassing admission after collecting millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars to support a solution that’s older than I am, only to come back with “hell if I know.” “Hmm, lying on the Internet COULD work.” Y- y- y- you don’t think people would just… get on the Internet and LIE, do you? IBM itself would know the information “Titor” disclosed. 

Point two on this theory, is that this individual calling himself “John Titor” was trying to get people to discuss “time itself” in a relatively anonymous setting where no one would ever make this connection. What’s the difference in RTC, CMOS, all of that madness from the 1970s? It can’t be silently altered and written to the hardware clock over a network ie with NTP, which is why you haven’t noticed anything amiss when you check the time on your phone , but can no longer say “Mississippi” in between seconds — and its one of the reasons your old phones are being phased out of or banned from existing networks — It would just be relegated to lore. It is very likely that this personwas in fact attempting to solve a problem for his job , as he claimed at the time.

That is my “take two” on explaining the phenomenon of so-called “qanon,” whom I have previously publicly denounced as being inauthentic and possibly homosexual, I’ll own that even if that post is not online at the moment. Old joke: “what does C.I.A. stand for if there’s no intelligence in it?” Have things really gotten so incompetent and clownsome that they have to crowdsource intelligence from 4chan and the FBI has to send “Dog the Bounty Hunter” after a fugitive in the national newswhile Biden screams they’re going to personally kick YOUR door down?

I am just going to say it’s not very hard to become one of the last remaining subject matter experts on a product created in the span of your lifetime or career — or even the last decade — let alone one created before any of you were born with all the devs dead or retired but I’m not going to spill any tea on specific companies or products where I’ve parted ways and was in fact the last person who knew how something worked.