Where we aren’t sure what a “woman” or a “second” or a “minute” or an “hour” are anymore.

Fucking right again. I told you that I do not believe in “time,” it is not a constant and some of your scientific calculations and models aren’t going to add up anymore soon. That’s really going to shatter some people whose only God is “the science.”

Is that a “specific enough” “lucky guess” that I am “accidentally wrong” about?

You want my honest fucking opinion , this is the real reason peoples hearts are blowing up and all this other nonsense is to keep the masses from panicking. Though if you look into it , the “Spanish Flu” of 1918-1919 started roughly around when Monsanto (or Bayer or whatever. “Can’t sue us, that’s the OLD company” like China refusing to pay the bills for their wars with Japan “we’re a new country now!”) anyway whoever the fuck it is was and whatever the fuck it called itself started manufacturing flourescent light ballasts with PCBs … exactly then.. and all hell has broken loose with human health ever since then with those and so called forever chemicals. 

“Outbreaks,” as previously stated , used to suspiciously originate from military bases. Has the government done something people need to hang for? Or is it just the firefighting foam they used on the bases that were chock full of these? They would sure hate to pay for pensions and health care for their negligence. 

Now all the novel “pandemics” originate in Asia. Is it a bioweapon, or is it a consequence of moving all this electronics manufacturing, and all of the chemicals involved in that over to China? 

“Climate change” and “Global warming” are shit that Chy-nah made up so that America couldn’t compete in industry and manufacturing. They’re the ones who now have 32,000x the levels of so called forever chemicals in their water and bloodstream. Highest recorded levels on the planet, It will come back to us to roost soon.

These nice people would never lie to you, right? Surely they would never admit to the damage they have caused and sell you even more chemicals…

I’m not fucking crazy but you would be a little crazy as well if you had been gaslight about damn near everything by damn near everyone for your entire life.

Here’s the deal. One of the more exhausting and frustrating tasks at my last job was the annual explanation of the concept of daylight savings time to another round of contracted jeets and inevitably someone would regress a particular fucking product every time the clocks changed no matter how many times I patiently and tirelessly and endlessly explained it. This entails knowing things like, who observes it and who doesn’t…. Do countries follow a calculated schedule? Or does the elected government have a vote on when it will be, thereby making Microsoft and others tear their hair out every year? Yes, I understand the goddamn artificial construct of “time” well enough to explain it to Cisco’s software engineers. Unlike sex and gender, time actually IS sort of a “social construct.” I routinely surprised developers by noticing when synchronized displays were off from one another by milliseconds and would prove it in the lab. Do you think I don’t fucking notice reality is off by entire SECONDS?

Anyway, thank your diversity hiring practices for the fact that your offshore labor will never get any of your shit working or timed or cascaded correctly if we decide that a minute is 59 seconds . And we can do it all over again when it’s 58 seconds. You know that gigantic goddamn dams — or blowing one to smithereens — are the reason for this, and our droughts , right? 

Go ahead, argue this one with me, especially if you only just found out about it now because you were too busy arguing about what a woman is or whether to suck the red dick or the blue dick on Tuesday. Can I just rant for a second about the ditzy porn star who called me a dumb redneck? I took dicks on camera as a hobby, not because I wasn’t qualified for another occupation.

As usual, Fox News lies and doesn’t tell you WHY.