I don’t need to be “right” or “first” to a story. 

I see that the dam has broken and everyone is shouting it all from the rooftops.

All of it.

So .. much of this is unnecessary now.

There hasn’t been much of a journey to speak or write of lately, two car accidents, three ICU visits , two blood transfusions, and having to move to another house has kept me pretty busy and/or mostly bedridden since August. The TL;DR of why I Dave Chapelle’d on your asses in the chatroom again is y’all were ragging on me, as mercilessly as ever, while I was getting 4 pints of blood in the ICU. 

Seems, some people need to be reminded, that if you kick me while I am down .. as long as I don’t die on you , I am going to fuck your shit up when I am better.