Fuck ”covid amnesty.” I want ”covid tribunals.”

The media is not apologizing or asking for your forgiveness: they are merely forgiving themselves. They were not ”in the dark” or deceived. They WERE THE DARKNESS.

“Let’s not!”

Journos should be among the VERY first to sit on Ole Sparky’s lap , tell him what they want for Christmas and then shut up and bite the god damn leather strap. It’s not like they do anything useful, like any actual investigative reporting , truth telling; or anything resembling public interest or public welfare. 

They simply jerk each other off and allow content / propaganda farms to be self-referential “according to … ” and it’s all the same people writing ALL the articles for ALL of these rags and then citing one another for “credibility.” Seal the goddamn buildings and sell all the furniture, they serve absolutely no other fucking purpose on this earth other than to get in the fucking way of anyone who attempts to commit the crimes of journalism or honesty.

PS: Don’t come at me with the ”Jesus would not have supported the death penalty” crap, according to your story, he submitted to it knowingly and willingly. Belief in a sacrifice for all, through God or the mysteries of whatever the hell created us , is just as plausible as justice for all.