Oops all out of fuel.

Except for these commercial flights to mars. We have plenty of fuel to burn 733,000 gallons of jet fuel for a trip to the moon! And for them to take 400 private jets to Davos right? 

Our sun is turning into a white dwarf. Part of it blew off in 2019 and it’s been white hot ever since. Solar panels don’t accomplish much if there’s no sun, but I don’t think we’ll be too worried about it by then. Corona… sun or crown…. What has “space force” been doing for the last 900 days? 

(I know, I know, none of my business, SHUT UP AND PAY FOR IT, RE ELECT ME OR DIE YOU PISSANT PEASANT. Not even worth talking to if your net worth is less than 7 figures, MAGA am I right, Wendy Fraudgers? What the shit do we send people to school for a quarter of their lives for if you don’t care what they learned from it and you only want MONEY and say fuck talent and fuck public sentiment, they’re all Russian haters and robots, cough up the CASH we’re so Le Based! )

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” No wonder. We don’t have “elected officials,” we have “crisis actors” that have been installed like a toilet. You’re going to fight with your family at Thanksgiving over something faker than WWE?

I think they’re going to try to send another planet into [the sun] as fuel. It would have been nice if they had just said that we were in mid-exercise (well Pompeo did, but the news ignored THAT); or that my correspondence, debating, or attention span were anything but a waste of time arguing over lies intended to placate us. Therefore their bans and or deprivation of our civil rights over the issues of “settled science” and “misinformation “ re: something that was in and of itself was misinformation, should put people in jail.

A lot of hearts , including mine, haven’t been adapting to this or our new 59 second minute lately. If your chest is hurty, you’re more impervious to gamma ray bursts than some of your friends, if you woke up today congratulations. We’re both still here I guess. I am not sure what they did Tuesday morning. I had strong palpitations as the rocket went into orbit. It was in Florida. I am in Mexico. I felt that fucker just about jump out of my chest. Elmo wasn’t feeling so good for a few days here but my blood pressure is now 120/70, up from around 100/50 at best. 

Pardon me if I’m sperging a bit. Still bedridden but my vitals are fine. Be more worried when I’m quiet. I can see all the bright blue veins in my hands and arms for the first time in… I don’t think I’ve ever even seen them as an adult before…. weird but okay …

Let’s get interdimensional for a second: Do you know what an “inner redo” and an “outer redo” snapshot or the OSF protocols are? I do. But no, Whoopi Fucking Goldberg was there to tell me what to think , whew, thank goodness. I was lost.

You want to re-elect any of the people who got on TV cameras and lied to your face about everything for the last three years? What, so we don’t panic and destroy our society like we just went ahead and did anyway? Do you think maybe society would have had a better “we are all in this together” approach than forced vaccinations, castrating our children, and then treating the Book of Revelations as though it were the Operator’s Manual for Global Governance? Who is responsible for all of this serious human rights abuse profiteering, scaremogering , and price gouging?

All the conspiracy shit about all these emergency planning meetings that just so happen to take place exactly as the real events/catastrophes unfold … sorry I have to walk a few blog posts back for further review, I’m out, this did not soothe the public at all, it’s traumatized everyone and made them suspicious, at odds with society and one another, or die in a bottle of whiskey or worse. Everyone has suspicions about and hates everyone now — and above all they hate the people involved now. 

I would have probably thanked them for their assistance and efforts on the other side of it if they hadn’t kept me isolated from every god damn fucking source of support or dialog online for yearssssss now. But not if you took this opportunity to use this crisis and profit from it —or sell us forced medicines or $4000 a month in “antivirals.” Ever wonder why China was working on an artificial sun? Or why Bill Gates wanted to block ours out? — So great for our collective mental fucking health, right? Five cops holding you down and jamming a fucking needle or three or five in you should calm you down. And I’m the problem that needs to be eliminated???

Don’t expect your lawsuits or correspondence to be acknowledged by any of them. But we will go to jail if we don’t give them a lot of money for whatever it is and consooooom medicine$$$$ on our way out. SARS and other SARS like illnesses (AIDS, whatever that is, we redefined it in 1993) …. originated in the 1970s…. On military bases… But Biden has all the “cures” and shots ready to sell you, isn’t that something?

The fake news is even faker than we think it is and they’re all complicit. All they can say is nooooo, there’s no conspiracy here.

My asshole government threatens Mexico — and thereby me — with nukes and bombs and tanks that Wendy Fraudgers and Matt Gaetz want to invoice me for,in direct contravention of every square inch of land in the gadsden and Guadalupe treaties that states there will be peace between us “in all time.” Now Greg Abbott screams noooo “Mexico! It’s attacking us!!!!” But Wendy will get that stolen election taken care of you send her four million dollars and mash that subscribe button! Stay away from the ballot counting, patriots! Hold the lie! Eerrr, “line.” 

I sued her and Ducey and asked the court to deport them both to New Mexico if they didn’t consider that to be a cruel and unusual punishment. I think they considered it frivolous.

If I had a twitter handle I’d change it to Russian SueBot 5000. Re-elect Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti while you’re at it!

All the businesses you closed and fined and ruined. “Experts say that most restaurants go under within the first year of it being made illegal to eat there!” Now US regulators want to fine the airlines as well, over “covid” related delays when the airlines — and insurers — should fucking be suing them and moving immediately to the discovery and deposition process. 

Your cognitive and behavioral issues are a (hopefully) transient form of vascular dementia. That’s my “zombie” hypothesis. Remember when the president you had installed like a toilet in 2020 said we would all be in nursing homes with dementia in just a few years? That’s his “coronavirus plan” that Trump “didn’t have.”

I am glad that least one of the two countries has been an adult in this situation. 

Just to paint you a canvas , while some you have been screaming to imprison or threaten to beat or murder me because you want a gold star next to your nickname “or else you will go take your fucking Barbie dolls and play somewhere else,” I wish you would, I am glad that you have. I am kind of fucking busy right now and I run a meritocracy, not a corrupt kleptocracy.

I wonder what the news is talking about tonight.