Something that just came up again, was Madonna’s 2019 Eurovision video. 

There are a number of reasons that some people, including myself, have interpreted this as a taunt of some sort.

On a subsequent re-watch, I agree that it might be a taunt.

I want to all but swear that I’ve seen the “deer” thing in at least one of Allison’s Goldfrapp videos before. I am not sure what this “means” and it’s unlikely that if this is a taunt; it’s intended for me.

I watched it to the end this time instead of being an angry NPC about it, and that was one of the best video screen presentations I’ve ever seen— and I’ve done this professionally in stadiums and seen Madonna live before. Madonna even upstaged Madonna for that one.

The weird thing at the end were the bride and groom walking up the stairs with the Israeli and Palestine flags on their backs.

She kind of lost me with the Blowjobs for Hillary thing but I have a special place for confessions and a few songs I’ll never publicly admit that I like. 

I did not think the person in the “corona diaries” looked anything remotely like her but what was really bizarre about those were 1) a statement where she said she had an “audience” who “was not happy with” her and a few frames where you could make out someone uniformed with a rifle pointed towards the floor in a mirror on one of her walls. Give her this: She isn’t stupid and knows a thing or two about creating an effective illusion for someone watching a video. If there’s something she can’t say, she found a way to show you.

This was right around when Ellen and Tom Hanks …. And … well…. EVERYONE got weird.

Like everyone else, yeah sure, I wonder what the hell is going on over there.

I don’t know ALL of the “symbology” for as much of it that I do. I don’t know what everyone is made of. What I do know is that not every message is for me.

Linking to these two videos pissed off Universal Music Group, so go watch them.

I am surprised no one on the thread was curious about this one: