It is all connected, your telomeres are magnetic , you have a huge magnet in your forehead, your body and your cells and your telomeres are paramagnetic and so is your heart. 

Some of these novel genetic therapies cause iron particles to break existing bonds with your red blood cells and rush to the site of the injection. 

There has to be more to it than that though, I hit rock bottom hemoglobin levels in the ICU , I had multiple pulmonary embolisms in both lungs (again) and needed 4 pints. I barely scraped through that as it was. 

Imagine my odds taking something that caused a bunch of magnetic particles in my body to race to an unnecessary (if not mandated by law or unlawful order) injury.

Your paramagnetic properties are adaptive in … most … people .. I have previously said that genetic biodiversity is the reason that people have survived past “plagues” , and that universally forcing the entire planet to now be genetically susceptible to something such as TDP-43 was a recipe for disaster for disaster and death. 

But I had to be shut up to “own the magats,” heh heh heh.

I will expand on this to say that the adaptability of your paramagnetism is what has allowed enough of us to survive severe disruptions of magnetic poles , ley lines, many prior solar ejections that hadn’t completely wiped us out yet….

“One day it will just magically go away .”

This dude” knows damn well what happens during times like these, just like the Crown, they all have capitalized on these events going as far back as the book of Leviticus and probably then some, imagine what they don’t tell the peasants.

“adoptive transfer of immune cells from mice-“

Define an “adoptive transfer,” would that possibly include unprotected sex or breast milk? I will repost the clip where Fauci claimed on television that you could give children “aids” just by being in the same room with them in a moment.

I have a feeling this has been going on for quite some time and that during all of this allopathic western medicine crushed homeopathic medicine and it’s many fraudulent derivatives became entire economies unto themselves at multiple points in the last several generations.

It is a fact , it is a blunt, underlined , fact that we have been predictably having “pandemics” approximately every decade +/- a year or three based on the cycle of solar minimums and solar maximums. So we have “UN” and “WEF” agendas that “coincidentally” fall around these cycles for 2020, 2030, etc , im sure nobody knows exactly what is happening or heaven forbid capitalized on it.

Some of these events killed a lot of people every 10 years or so for as long as I have been alive. 1970s “pandemics” , 1980s, “aids” , 1993 “we’ve changed the definition of aids,” nothing significant happened in the 2000 era so “9/11” was necessary to usher that phase of the agenda in. 2012 was “sars” and then — kind of like the situation in the 2000s — this solar cycle came earlier and was more disruptive than anticipated, they had to start rolling out the full agenda. And FAST. We started lying and saying it was “because of vape lung” , which turned some peoples lungs to jelly in 2019 just like “aids” did. First wave. They called tens of millions of illnesses “influenza” for that season despite public records from the CDC proving that less than one million samples were TESTED let alone conclusively “positive” , the other few tens of millions of diagnoses were inferential. Undocumented and untested by public health labs. “It’s the flu. Just go home, take water , soup, that will be $30,000 please.”

They played their entire hand because it was all happening NOW. Biden was in on this at every step for 50+ years, and if he didn’t know anything about any of it — or anything other than enriching himself and his family and associates — in the course of 50+ years in DC then he’s even dumber than I have previously said he was.

China is a 5,000 year old society, tell me they don’t know about this and have it all mapped out and capitalize on it , vanquishing more modern rivals and contemporaries. 

Oh never mind this; it’s all just going to “magically go away” on its own someday. Like it did under Clinton in 1993? Those deaths and illnesses didn’t go away. They just “magically went away” on paper and were attributed to specific causes because they could be chalked up to an average statistic instead of an unusual anamoly that has required one lie after another and one marketing campaign after another.

It’s all connected. You are light and magnetism and matter. Just like the ground you stand on. Molten iron is seven times denser than our bodies , which mostly consist of water. And we have lots of packing material , that is also denser than our bodies , between the mantle of our earth and our bodies to keep things nice and cool so we don’t vaporize from being a little too close to our core or the gases from subsurface magma and geothermic hotspots.

You don’t fall into your floor , or the concrete , or the grass outside because those materials , and the differences in the density of what constitutes those materials is the reason that you sink into water but not into cured concrete or rock and stone or wood and sediment and indeed volcanic rocks, petro fields, and whatever else holds everything together in between us and our core.

Why would there be any difference between the forces that hold all of that mass and light and magnetism together — and the mass and the light and the magnetism that brings you together?

“But that matter doesn’t have consciousness.”

Yes it does. It is called many things, it is called consciousness, it is called the spark of divinity, it is called your life force, it is called your soul, it is called CE. It is called Qi and the Chinese are obsessed with it, literally everything is made of the stuff whether you’re a “religious” or “spiritual” or “scientific” minded person, it doesn’t matter what you call it. I have quite a few names myself.

I like to think of it as the “source” or the jesuchristo, as in jesuchristo es el ley, jesuchristo es el rey, jesuchristo ominpresente (the law , the light, and present in all things.)

We die without it.

Everything dies without it.

Unless it doesn’t.

We are roughly around the end of an epoch for the current Holocene and this has been DOCUMENTED as going on since at least the 1800s , remember all of our hellacious “Armageddon” crazes and prophecies and weirdness of the 1890s (“millions of people now living will never die”) , then 1912, which didn’t arrive on schedule and became WWI instead.

We had our enlightenment and anti-enlightenment societies of the 1920s and 30s such as the Oxford Group, AA, and Rockefellers “one world religion” which were all derivatives of the same thing — first century Christianity , look that one up for yourself.

Bizarre perceptual experiences (which I know a thing or two about) and behaviors were and are called “mental illness” and they have a shot or a pill or a powder or a potion (and other ways to get rid of you) for that as well. I prefer to just close the house up for a vision quest and I do not really care about Americans who have been pissed off and triggered about this since the 1500s and like to chase us with butterfly nets , institutionalize us, and drug us over it. Fuck that. These phenomena are documented in some bizarre accounts in “The three Christs of Ypsilanti,” what drives “prophecies” and “revelations “ and bizarre perceptual instincts? A force that is normally only in high drive during times of crisis when we are approaching extinction or dangerous solar cycle and magnetic activity. Indians and Aztecs among others knew when to hightail it and move their camps when the earth started gassing up underneath them or seeing other signs. Such as, when it is going to rain the cows lay down and leaves turn up towards the sky, as if offering their cup to drink from.

Whatever you care to call the Qi, that word is perfectly agnostic-ish and acceptable to me, it needs to do some things to create us from CE and matter that already exists here. We have previously thought that this is a finite quantity. We panicked at the cusp of 4 billion people. We are panicking again as we cross the threshold of 8 billion, nearly 40-50 years later. Where does this energy come from and where does it go? It comes from somewhere and it goes somewhere , that is a fact. If you are not reincarnated per we, you are absolutely recycled. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Is it finite? Or is there more of that where it came from? I believe that it is INFINITE and that is where it ALL comes from regardless of the life span of one particular solar system or it’s central star or one particular planet. What knits it all together? Just like all your body all of your constituent materials ultimately break down into mass or matter or light whether on the “visible” or invisible spectrum, and possibly , sound.

Memory, is in part genetic , and partially a phenomenon of the Qi, which is everything and everyone. Present in all things. Whether they’re the sun or other planets or our stars or other people or animals or or it very atoms and the air we breathe ….. if you want to worship a specific one of those things or believe in premonition or perceptual experiences or psychic phenomenon, or NONE of those things wonderful , I won’t get on your case if you stay off of mine. The answer is essentially technology, science , AND whatever you choose to frame Qi as. Or whether you associate a particular divinity with it. If you don’t consider it and of itself , marvelous or divine and wonder what in the heck THAT came from, keep looking.

If you want to know why they consider it so important to keep us stressed out and in amygdala hijack and propagandized at ALL times, it’s because their total control and surveillance/information awareness relies on this survival mechanism— meant to assist our species through global catastrophes for a transient period of time — does not work unless our minds are in this condition. They are all too happy to accommodate that and exploit that. Read “A Scanner Darkly.” Listen to RHCP singing about “Chinese psychic spies” in “Californiacation.” Listen to some drag queen in the Castro share about throwing her Estee Lauder and her jewelry and her accessories into the bushes running away from imaginary police on about a half an 8-ball. They would literally rather you die than accept that this model fails.

When we lose our will to live and no longer connect with one another, we die, our life force dies, and nothing from which we came wants to return to this anymore, unless it does for some reason. They can abort us , sterilize us, it doesn’t matter. There are other ways. If you’re engaged in that and don’t believe in at the very least, the cooperation of that CE , then please reconstitute yourself into a rock or a flower or a tomato plant or a Tesla or a $100 federal reserve note if you place more value on those things.

People bring some stuff back from “NDE” experiences , a lot of it has common phenomena and perceptual experiences or themes. Some of its conditioning. I didn’t believe in anything going into it, let alone any of that. Dissociation is a survival instinct. But if there is something else you will need to know , you may have it revealed at a later time. I remember asking whatever it was where THEY came from and the answer was something to the effect of “even if there was a way to explain that to you, you don’t have the capacity (?) to understand it.” Well whatever the hell THAT might be, I BELIEVE them. Sacred secrets and/or Mysterion ? Instead of words and specific memories much of it came to me as if though a storm of energy, in and of itself a fundamental and radical paradigm shift for me anyway , for use at a later time. This happens to other people but they know you people are insane and fantasize about whether aliens taste like chicken or what sex with one would be like (and I will get to that later), I don’t blame them for couching whatever inspires them a little more carefully than some of us choose to but I am tired of everyone’s shit. I’m tired of everyone putting me in a corner and telling me to shut up and let the grown ups talk. You have had your turn

I am not here to save you or the world or anyone, least of all myself. I have had many times in my life where I’m not particularly happy to be here or participating in the whole mess. But here we are. “I’m happy you’re here, if you’re not happy you’re here.” After interacting with tens to hundreds of thousands of strangers in various states of distress for the last 12+ years (which has brought more punishment than reward as far as I can tell) I have learned I can’t change or control or save any of them. I can be there, I can listen, I can share something that worked for me, and it’s fine if I can’t follow up on something. It’s also fine if I’ve fucking had it and shut it all down and “eclipse “ for a moment. You don’t pay me a salary. I’m a human with limits for being a fucking punching bag for psychopaths who suck all of the oxygen out of everything and everyone they touch, I’ve said if it were me, I wouldn’t save this hellhole either. If I were god, my “green agenda” for THIS mess would be shut it down and conserve the Qi (energy) of the universe, be glad I only run a pathetic website that can be rebuilt in a few minutes or day instead of 15,000 years , at the end of which, you’ll do the same shit all over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until it all goes supernova or we go the way of the dodo anyway. No wonder god sends some of your asses back to the kitchen.