deciphering binary versus gates: 

for everything that there is, there is something that it isn’t. unless there isn’t. (1,2) (1,2,3) in metaphysics this is called plurality (see also: singularity and duality).

correspondingly, “as above, so below,” except when it isn’t. (1, 2) (1,2,3).

I will give you a contemporary example: suppose that I identify as trigender: as in “male, female, *and* neither.” Do you understand now?

this is not a compatible framework with all or nothing, black or white thinking.

except for times like these.

this is the incentive for instilling multi generational traumas. whose victims fall to such thinking. “I don’t like this thing you said or did” becomes “I don’t like you.” 

“what if both doors are still open?”

This is done on purpose and the ritualized practice of it needs to end forever or for at least a very long time.

This is why I can’t predict or judge your behavior in the grander scheme . Even if I factually dislike you and what you did. I have opinions about everyone and everything like everybody else. 

If you have three doors in front of you, and you know there’s a goat behind two of them , and that behind one of them is a brand new car –

you open the first door and it’s a goat.

the most common answer to whether you’d want to try your luck by opening one of the other two doors is that you already have a goat and therefore you have nothing to lose, 50/50 odds or whatever. you might even get a car out of it.

let me ask the question another way:

what if instead of two goats and a car, you were lucky enough to pick the door with a goat …

and behind one of the other two doors is “not existing.” or behind that door, is another two doors, because that’s how you think , whether it’s your fault or not, and you just fell for that again.

Where am I going with this?

be who you are even if you’re not allowed to be.

… unless you don’t want to be. 

The two doors question, “which one of us always tells the truth and which one of us always lies?” based on my experience is “you probably both lie.” 

someone under say, age 25, may be a little disinhibited naive or trusting, I avoid people who consistently take advantage of that but you do you. Yes, I fully expect an 18 year old to sign the student loan contract without reading it and so do the predatory scumbags who execute such contracts. And yet I also expect a 40 year old to say “that looks like a really impractical decision to me.” You’re both right and it’s unfortunate that this is one of the very first independent , unalterable decisions you’re asked to make as a brand new adult leaving the nest. 

Now do “signing up for the military at 18” because there are considerably harsher consequences than your credit score and garnishments for regretting THAT wet signature.

Red pill or blue pill? If you know me, I’ll do two pills if that suits you.

Be nicer to one another. You need each other sometimes.

An oversimplification of karma:

Pay it forward or pay it back. (1,2)

Difficulty level 15:

Pay it forward or pay it back, or don’t. (1,2,3)

We never responded favorably to ultimatums.

If you intuitively understand this, I assume you’re wherever you need to be right now.