I was at a loss for why yesterday would be “the most important day in 100 years” and went “oh god this better not be a 2024 announcement” like the rest of the planet did.

Had no idea about the Artemis launch , no evidence of it on the so called news I’m offered, just endless feeds of political propaganda and lies as usual. Had it not been delayed I would have missed it and a bunch of related content.

Maybe the galaxy has its own issues with its path of travel , this other stuff with the distance between seconds not being consistent and that’s where we hit the Holocene and the .. I don’t want to use that word for it .. Greenblatt might finally grant my wish for some unwanted attention this time .. but the end of the Holocene… probably someone out there does want to save aeons of human history even though I’ve seen no evidence from that in anybody and I mean anybody’s behavior lately.

Maybe they knew it was approaching. They start cracking down on people reproducing , starting families , making us terrified to have sex over muh aids , etc they have gone as far as starving and exterminating us for a long time now.

I don’t have opinions about aliens or intelligent life elsewhere, but what would a more advanced species that was, itself, looking for signs of intelligent life , make of us during this phase….

Fluoridate the water. Poison and salt or irradiate the planet. Brainwash and sterilize everyone and everything for 50-100+ years.

“None found. Destroy it.”

And everyone gets a do-over and they just do the same shit right up to the end, 10000 years of obliviousness and then exterminate it all right?

Noah’s “Ark “ , supposed we needed two of every type of animal, and maybe at one time MHCs made the task of curating humans easier because people from a specific species or town or geographical area and race all had similar MHCs.

With the advent of modern travel , nomadic lifestyles , and socially encouraged promiscuity and marrying and reproducing , or recreating if you will , with other types of people far away… this idea that someone where I’m from would be represented by a particular MHC subtype is obsolete.

Was that done by design or was it a complete accident?

What if people got their shit together on an international level and solved whatever we are colliding with on a regular interval ?

There would be no cycles of holocenes and holocausts.. you’d just have .. holo-earth… 

It would have been nice if anyone told me anything about anything besides shut up, go to detention, get out, or go to jail in school. Soak that fluorescent lighting up for 1/3 of your life and listen to Charlie Brown’s teacher giving lessons you could teach the class yourself.

My irritated middle school science teacher challenged me to “get up here and read the book and explain it yourself “ once and only once, with regard to wiring circuits in series or parallel. I yawned and did exactly that, no book necessary, 

I already knew shit like this because this is what I did for fun when I left that fucking hellhole. That and riding my bike or teaching myself to punch and read braille, or rekeying and master keying locks, which I got some kit from sally struthers for when I was 9. I’m not anti-intellectual it’s just that school was dumb as shit and a complete waste of time that completely fucked me up. I was punished frequently, and severely. Medicated and locked up and thrown in group homes and juvie for my insolence. It got to the point where I would just tell Mr Sullivan “fuck you, you white-haired rat” and leave in handcuffs .. or if they threatened to push the intercom , I would walk up to the front of the class and push the button myself and tell the receptionist that I was baaaaaad and that I’m on my way to the principals office before the teacher could say anything to her

it’s only worse in those things now. Again, further disincentivizing having kids, who in their right minds would want to put children through being metal detected, offered drugs or bullied and beaten , or ducking under desks like your parents did because Russia will bomb us any day now, or maybe the ever present media threats we will be shot there?

I am not the person who decided to use the internet to win elections cash and prizes and to prioritize this in every area where your eyeballs reach a screen. Who the hell is twitter even propagandizing , if the only people allowed inside their walled garden are the ones they’ve already deemed adequately propagandized, or potentially propagandizable?

As I mentioned , you can’t even read the fucking thing beyond three posts without logging in.

I had other interests before someone decided to use these new platforms for party propaganda. 

I would have been interested in what nasa was doing tonight. But anything I’m “allowed” near is just reeeeeeeeeeeeee my red d*ck and rreeeeeeeee my blue d*ck and it disgusts me. To the extent 4chan mentioned it all they seemed fairly hostile about the whole matter. 

Jeff Buckley sang “this way of life is so devised to snuff out the mind that moves… moving with grace that men despise and women have learned to lose ..”

Is it? Is it so designed out of malice , greed, or incompetence? Was this supposed to be the one last time they’d ever have to lie about everything they’ve done?

Is this way of life designed to make the pneuma think there’s no intelligent life here?

Does the pneuma know that there is?

Where in the hell are all the people responsible for this “zooming” their legislative jobs in from?

They tracked our steps so that we could not walk in our streets. Our end drew near; our days were numbered, for our end had come.LAMENTATIONS 4:18

There are recurring themes of staircases and ladders to heaven, some say society fell due to the “tower of Babylon.” Was this a primitive surveillance tower? Gather up all the different languages and cities and force them all to live in the “smart city” of Babylon? Inside of a wall? Watched from a tower ?

How the hell tall was this tower and did they put something up there that has been cyclically enslaving us ever since then, whether on accident or on purpose? “Watchtower society.” Is it some pyramidish-shaped object that came around and extinguished nearly all life or set off the volcanos every so often and was once believed to be “god” himself showing up to demonstrate his wrath?

Is it ? I don’t speak for god but I myself am pretty pissed off right now. Did we do something to stop it, or did we just get “lucky” or are we indeed being spared by some angry sky monster?

Before they accuse me of being crazy or high as usual, I can easily and conclusively demonstrate that people in NA are still so stupid and primitive to this day , that they tell me “god” comes in a “squad car” for me. Believe them. I do not fucking care. I am sober and I think Freddy Krueger was saner than half of them. Fine, they’re not “Idiot Island” anymore, they’re “Harass-ic Park” now. Imagine their reaction to this event. Would they build police cruiser shaped monuments everywhere hoping unsuccessfully to appease it? 

We have forecasts for “the worst” per CEOs of our leading financial institutes, “winter of death and darkness” from the “white House”, anticipated shortages of fuel and fertilizer and food and other materials while we’re very nearly two years into a “miracle” shot that would “end” all of that. We are sending what little “money” we have to Ukraine. And launching tons and tons and tons and tons of the fuel we are so short on along with materials — some of which will be dropped and discarded in the sea immediately — into space riiiiiight now with such utmost urgency even after repeated issues with fuel spillage, leakage, other defects. Feel free to explain it better yourself, is this all just another “coincidence “ like every single other thing I’ve ever mentioned or asked?

Whatever is left of my government, is absolutely unaccountable… unelectable yet still pulls inconsistent landslide re-election bids… zero transparency… no fiscal responsibility … no duty to or representation of its own citizens … nothing but waste grift and fraud … being gaslit or ignored completely by politicians in both parties (whether in my jurisdiction or some of their colleagues, but they sure as hell notice me when they issue their demands to silence me) ….. and finally even worst of all, absolutely no sense of right or wrong whatsoever.