So after zephyr locked me out me out the system , and elevated “Woody” to a system admin— you know , one of the guys who repeatedly threatened me with bodily injury and or incarceration , I know it’s hard to follow along with the story since there were so many of these crazy fuckers …..

I knew Susie was a lying piece of shit. 

94 prior counts of embezzlement. “Wow, do you think she’d… just steal like that?”

I believe in second chances. I don’t give fifteenth chances, time to find a new mark.

Zephyr surprised me. I thought that was one of the good ones.

Anyway, “just as a precaution,” you’re all fired. Now everyone is equally un-special.

Now imagine having two billion psycho Karens threatening to kill the manager ……

Ohhhhh Elon, are you familiar with “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson ?