There’s something like four press conferences going on, and nobody cares about any of them

They said “it’s not about another four year election” , do you believe that or nah..?
oof , the only reason I’m not smashing electronics and out at the beach that elmo is not feeling so good 
Rancor resentment and physical fear, check check and check on all three counts. 

What do you do to resolve cycles of painful alienation and painful involvement with this world?

What if there isn’t a conspiracy per se behind the guidestones and some other unfortunate Cassandra saw this coming a long time ago , and had been ignored by everyone for their entire life or been told to shut up or had more to lose than some of us or was just running out of time here and …. attempted to leave up a sort of “so , you’ve accidentally extinguished your species and found yourself [here]…”

Occam’s razor something something something.

Solving the unsolvable, stopping the unstoppable; that’s a pretty tall order.

I strongly suspect that leaving a trail of breadcrumbs , so that whoever finds the map of your mistakes or criminal stupidity doesn’t waste 30000 years repeating them after you… is a hard wired human survival instinct, wired in place just as surely as a housecat who has never seen a snake in its entire life jumping in the air at the scary sight of a cucumber. The tyrants and the losers burn all the books and deny all the stories — smash the stones and haul them away after 40 years of arguing about who put them there and what their motives were , and we just do it all over again.

I’m not real sharp with movies, what’s the one where Meryl streep(?) lights a match in the darkness … maybe this is where we’re just “itching for someone to follow” to quote Celia Hoades…. or it’s just a matter of “I don’t know where this fucking hole goes either but here’s your shovel.”

what would a successful detachment from the world look like…

realizing they’re just going to say “fuck you I do what I want” and that there is no hope in that ?

I keep using the derisive term “idiot island” a lot lately. As in being voted off of idiot island, or not really being in the mood to take the last ferry of the night over to idiot island with no hotel arrangements or money and no way back home.

Where’s the line between where they keep lying to you and propagandazing and terrorizing and amygdala hijacking your entire species, crying “come on, give up and just do a surrender!”

How long are you willing to say “fuck you?”

A: I have no fucking idea either, human behavior is not predictable and I am no exception to that. Nor situated to make the call for others sake.

And that’s when they just start giving people free train rides , because they intend to impose their will upon you and after the illusions of the soap box the ballot box the jury box and the ammo box all fall short of any solution, I suppose this is the part where half of the room says “it never happened” and the other half of the room says “they deserved it” and whatever survivors you have remaining can do little else but watch in horror if they have to see this happening again..


.. again

you see a frogposter and assume they’re political opposition or pose a threat to you, I don’t know, I didn’t ask these people personal questions because I’m “range banned” here as well. I scroll there because well— Reddit and twitter keep nagging you to log in and participate and you’re like “noooo, you cocksuckers just fucking ban me immediately and rant about how I’m an egg or have no followers, or a bot, because you bastards kneecap me as soon as I have a paltry audience of even so much as 10 friends and demand my phone number etc, just fuck off with that shit.”

And then these geniuses go “why do you go there!!! Who the fuck radicalized you?!??!”

Trump built a great big beautiful wall around Truth Social in order to keep other countries out of it, Gab is .. gab ..

But what I do see about frogposters is that they seem to still care about the world they live in, and each other , and try to make you laugh or think or say the quiet part or the important part out loud while everyone is salivating over what empty suits have to say about another election cycle two years down the road .. while you can’t even fucking finish counting votes for the one you had over a week ago… give me a break 

reminder, there’s something greater than us that won’t let us down. fuck four more years, my end game is no more tears.

orange man, blue man, or the you know who man