The truth is so fucking disgusting that they’d rather you think they eat babies and worship moloch, than ever find out what they are doing or pursue recourse for it.

“Human trafficking” is a really big umbrella and they are allllllllll “complicit” in plotting to do it to every man, woman, child , toaster oven , kitten and puppy just like John F Kennedy said. 

CIA, Mossad , pick your 3 letter agency, they’re all front brands for Interpol. It’s like giving a shit what the difference is between KFC, Taco Bell, or Pizza Hut.

They have been literally trying to do shit like this at LEAST since Leviticus was written. Man I thought my problems in the chatroom were pervasive. They don’t take presidents out anymore. They go to Walter Reed, where VIPs check out and stay checked out.

Oh no no no no no no, I can’t ask the magic 8 ball any more questions, as Peggy D used to politely say at parties “oh no; I’ve had plenty.” 

Speaking of, “1984” was a distraction from the real bombshell. If I had access to that kind of technology I’d be looking at who has completely checked out at this point in life and what their backgrounds are and what skills they have.

But no, they gotta harass a motherfucker with it, remind me why we need them?