I see a lot of purple hair, pink backpacks , short shorts, muscle shirts , and tribal tattoos today. It’s officially tourist season and the homosexuals have arrived.

I forgot how pretty boys and daddies are.

Already had one wander out in front of my car , swirling out or overvaccinated or whatever in broad daylight, poor thing. He was growling. I’m glad I had the windows rolled up. It’s like they’re in rut season and just running out in front of traffic aggressively. Is there a cruise ship in town or do we have some hotshot DJ in city center or something ?

“Perverts everywhere! There’s even a house full of men who call themselves bears!!!”

Easy pickings but the last time I made a new friend in this condition , he started huffing bug spray in my car and a couple people died in an overturned SUV on the 101.

Better hide the silverware.

I was just catching the end of the tourist season here when I arrived and I’d already forgotten how uncomfortable I was being leered at whether it was with disgust or interest. I hated seeing lonely older men wasted on the curb with a backpack and feeling bad that I barely knew how to say much more than hello to someone.

Just Say No.