Nancy Pelosi has had a very distinguished career of selfless and endless public service.

After watching the diversity section of the Artemis Show last night , I think we owe it to Nancy to offer her the honor of being the First Woman Sent to the Moon.

“Quick get in the rocket and buckle up everyone, we just attacked Poland and retaliation is imminent!”

*stops programming for a second*

“What do you mean by , return voyage?”

How much are we talking , here? $30 million dollars a minute? $300 million a minute? Who’s counting. Teravolts of electricity used here but you’d better install 50hz LED bulbs you planet wrecker. Gosh your mere existence here on this overpopulated sphere drains resources time effort and money that other people could use. You know, “other people,” like NASA and the Pelosis…. I’ve already given at least one example of reasons this might be acceptable, but if that’s the case they’re even lying about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it in this case. Unprecedented waste grift and fraud in the entirety of known recorded human history.

Reminds me of the Titanic. Or the Olympic or whatever. “Nooo, the engine serial numbers were verified from the wreckage.” Verified from what? Oh no, I just threw all my opposition into a boat and sank it. Heaven forbid I forge a piece of paper or a ledger entry and commit insurance fraud. Eureka we have finally identified the one single sole criminal activity on this earth that their conscience inhibits. 

Even the decidedly NOT banned for life Keith Olbermann posts “adrenachrome” (?) conspiracy theories on Twitter now, it must be fake news.

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice. I just sit here and make shit up. Like CNN and MSNBC.

Their leadership in and of itself is the most dangerous thing to “their” democracy.

If the red party can send me fundraising emails purporting to be from one of Trump’s sons, threatening that his daddy will be soooooo “disappointed” if I don’t donate money today, kiss my ass and tell him I’m “disappointed” in him as well. You guys need my money? What a joke. And now I can’t talk about that? Is this the REAL party switch?