Reflect upon this simple statement
He who is of two needs, and easy to serve
Swiftly finds peace, and is already close to happiness
The more complicated we make ourselves
The more complicated is our idea of ourselves
The more we will perceive our needs to be
The more of a burden we will be to this planet
Whilst we spend our time here pursuing those needs
The truth is, the only real needs are food, shelter and companionship
And everything else is a bonus
One who is content with food, shelter and companionship
Treads lightly on this world and swiftly gets to the point where they have something to give back
But one who is not content with that
Who feels they need an extraordinarily elaborate array of things in their lives to feel their life is meaningful
Makes an awful ruckus in their time upon this planet
Somebody asked me
Do we all have inside of us, that pure part, that pure consciousness?
And the answer is yes