Since “amygdala hijack” is a thing … and people are propagandized and terrorized so much they forget what they’re being lied to about from one day to the next.

Remember the media going insane over everyone and everything being “complicit” in Hillary Clinton’s fictitious “pee pee tapes and muh Russia” dossier ?

“she’s a neocon warmonger, everyone curses her name. she’s… complicit.”

They’re losing their minds over merely being exposed for buying their checkmark of Muh Truthiness and Mah Authoritay for $15,000 — and we haven’t even cracked the bottle open on their Nuremburg-2.0 level criminal conduct and conspiracy to deny civil rights.

That’s about to be a really bad look for some people and the organizations who employ them , and I just want everyone to remember one word when you start lighting your torches (metaphorically) for the presstitutes… and , in particular, the assholes liars and blue-haired cry bullies over at Facebook and Twitter:


  • metaphorically: Not as if they had any inhibition whatsoever about directly and indirectly threatening us for merely questioning them, let alone defying them.

Edit for 2023: Just because, “fuck you,” liars.