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I’ll save you the 40000 ad trackers on this one, the tl;dr of the clickbait headline “this dietary supplement is DANGEROUS” is they’re blaming B3 supplements.

oh realllllllllllllllly, a “bioluminescent based probe” 

You mean, uh, like, a “bioluminescent biomarker” like I was ranting about almost a year ago?

Mmmmkay here’s the abstract, that’s amazing what is the name of this wonderful novel bioluminescent biomarker

I don’t know, it’s behind a paywall!

I know exactly what the fuck it is.

I described it to you last summer.


It’s made from more or less the same shit that makes lightning bugs glow, and / or some extremely virulent strains of malaria. I believe that it was intended to detect the so-called “hiv reservoir.” 

I’m good, hard pass on injecting me with anything Dr Fauci worked on or has had his name blindly tacked on to things he never read wrote or even reviews in order to stoke his ego and get in a medical journal. Likewise for anything he wasn’t competent enough to participate in creating but nonetheless profits from. AIDS and COVID were already bad enough. No more Fauci ouchies for me please. I am stillpissed off — enough to burn the red hat — that this man received a raise and a promotion under Donald Trump’s watch. The only thing that’s going to change my mind is everyone “complicit” in this getting the rake.

We’ve already been down this route. “HIV” is bullshit, it is certainly a very real and problematic — symptomatic and potentially deadly — condition as with “covid,” so I am not a “denialist,” (I wasn’t even an “anti vaxxer” until nobody could tell me what implementing a global digital currency had to do with public health) but it’s not some intelligent sentient thing sneaking around the guards and hiding out in reservoirs. It is very clearly documented as being a condition in which the expression of VPR-1 inhibits non-naive T-cells from creating exact copies of themselves from your chromosomes, thereby letting these defective T-cells die off instead of cloning themselves like wildfire i.e metastatic cancer.

“COVID” is known, thus far , to cause cd4 depletion for at least as long as 8+ months in otherwise healthy people. If you’re REALLY healthy, a drop from 1000-1200 CD4 to .. 500, 600, 700… that’s not even going to make most doctors blink especially if you present critically ill.

Not the case for HIV patients and otherwise healthy people successfully treated for cancer , who may persistently hover around say 300-600, and it’s life threatening to clip off 200-400 of them.

What would distinguish COVID from HIV is whether these disruptions in cd4 count and function are transient , or persist for the rest of your life. The older you are, the fewer NEW replacement cells you make, so it is important for them to have the ability to reproduce via mitosis.

The next question , which I don’t know the answer to and neither do the “experts,”is whether the two of them either mutate or breed themselves into extinction, which they say we are witnessing with some of the early “strains” of “covid.” (Pro tip: they’re all related to SARS and the original “COVID” is in fact extinct, if you want to understand what happening now read about Marek’s disease in factory farmed chickens, that’s the life they had planned for you next.)

Your cell cycle’s G2 stage can halt the checkpoint during which your DNA is being knitted back together and give an opportunity for it to go “hmm, this doesn’t belong here.”

Some things that halt your cell cycles G2 stage and prevent a “virus” or “cancer” from entering the nucleus of a cell are:

  • Fasting
  • Ivermectin, which should be classified as an N1 nuclear import inhibitor.
  • Completely destroying your immune system with toxic chemotherapy drugs your practitioner sometimes pockets thousands of dollars for prescribing.
  • Things like expensive protease, integrase, and fusion entry inhibitors.
  • Possibly “azoles”

HCQ works in a different way: It promotes apoptosis / cell death of CD45RO cells, i.e: “mark all these non naive cells for death NOW.”

Nicotine inhibits that process and says “nah , let’s keep them even though they’re not really working well or are no longer CD45RA.

And synthetic “vitamin b3” is a derivative of …

Niacin was originally called nicotinic acid because it can be created by the oxidation of nicotine with nitric acid

You won’t be seeing my WordPress blog on google “news.”

I have read plenty of books, Kylon. 

But I threw everything from Karl Marx away when I decolonized my bookshelf.

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