I’ve never trusted anyone who tells me that words no longer mean exactly what the fuck they mean anymore.

“Your future is bright.”

“Don’t turn out the light.”

If I am not mistaken, “apocalypse” means unveiling. 

First, last, and only time I invite a “fact check” here. If facts do not matter in politics or on television or in the news then tell me why the hell they matter on my Twitter.us.gov account or my blog.

As a citizen and a civilian who does not have a “brand” or a “follower count” or any modicum of “influence” or earn a single cent in salary nor serve one lousy stinking “advertisement” on any website that I own, despite 5, 6, and 7 figure audiences on some of them… 

Please … by all means, please direct my immediate attention to exactly whichever one of the Associated Press’s “standards” has established that I am personally responsible for a standard of 100% error-free journalistic integrity , punishable by permanent exile from telecommunications and society itself that their editors , contributors, and so-called “reporters” are not.

If the Baltimore Sun had included the photos, they could have won a Pulitzer. Perhaps those will be on sale for $15,000 next.

Quote of the day: “There is NO LIMIT to what they will do.”