I am “permanently banned” from Twitter for suggesting something along the same lines that NBC has just tweeted today, back in December.

*glancing at my watch * oh about, I don’t know, 11 months .. or let’s say two or three jabs ago?

The offending tweet, documented in Grodevant et al v. Biden et al 2:2021cv02190 , was not even about “COVID,” I merely started explaining how different types of viruses replicated in the nucleus or the mycoplasma of a cell and the specific tweet im “banned for life” over is one in which I simply described what “gain of function” even is without naming the Nazi fucking lawn gnome responsible for it. I hope Eric Schmitt is paying attention, because I’ve contacted his offfice as well. 

My case was thrown out but what I’ve established is that I have written acknowledgments from multiple state attorney generals and my governors office, they and their attorneys are well aware of the allegations — a fucking year ago, that’s your government hard at work stealing and devaluing your money and lying to you and ignoring you â€” and you have no case for plausible deniability. I mean, honestly, I might not be eligible to redress grievances with the Mexican government (if I had any) but at least that’s clearly written into law here. Whether I have the right to redress or litigate grievances or accusations of genocide war crimes and fraud against my own government might be a supposed right “on paper” but it’s just as factually non existent on that side of the border.

The tribe ignored my correspondence as well, and I wish you good health and good luck, I guess being unwanted by my family is a multi generational wound I should just forget about.

I picked part of that up from Project Veritas, whom Twitter also banned. I guess we didn’t pay the $15,000 toll for being entitled to express a fucking opinion on that rotten company’s site.

Or maybe I just had the wrong skin color to express an opinion on twitter.gov.

I was called a “bot” or advised to “contact my states own representatives” when I reached out to my state and federal senators alleging genocide, I have othertheories about what could be happening but nobody wanted to listen to these a year ago and I’m not taking calls from anybody who blew me off.

But now it’s fine because NBC says it. Will NBC get a “fact check” dialogue about how safe and effective these vaccines are , under this tweet?

Will NBC be suspended and banned for life for “COVID-19 misinformation” with Twitter Support throwing their ticket in the trash? 

They ought to be, for all the life endangering misinformation they’re selling on public airwaves.