When I wanted to know what Kylon’s problem was, he just hissed at me to ”read a book” and blocked me. ”Don’t like what I say? Cool.” And then , proceeded to have all his beta orbiters report me and get me banned.

So in turn, I will direct your attention to the Gadsden and Guadalupe treaties for some context.

Basic facts: The tribes were not included in the aforementioned treaties, and theyre referred to as ”savages” who had the audacity to defend their own land. Apparently , at the time , those in the southwest , Arizona , etc were just about as problematic for Mexico as they were for the United States. 

The original treaties prohibited forcibly relocating indians by force and excused Mexico from any claims to the territory. The subsequent amendments in Gadsden voided clauses about indian resettlement.

The fact is, for the most part, you ”invaders” didnt need to engage in military action, many cases where my ancestors on one side sold entire cities for $500 or some shiny rocks.

I have very little doubt that the ”constitutional amendment of 1961” was enacted by corrupt members who probably signed their futures away for $5000 or a bottle of whiskey.

And that some money didn’t pass hands reaching a 98% ”vaccination” rate.

Enter the 1960s: ”yessss, free love, interracial marriage , one big drugged out fuckpile!”

And now today you have mutts like me, at whom (((they))) inform their golums that I am now criminally responsible for (((“blood libel”))) of their slave trade because im part caucasian.

The behavior of the federally operated Indian hospitals documented by Project Veritas (don’t worry, i won’t be applying for free “benefits” like being sent off to a malicious american hospital de muerte with poorly trained CIA agents murdering people left and right) suggests bad faith, the urgency to “vaccinate” a people with a sovereign right established by treaty , to cross the northern and southern borders , without your god damned ”vaccine pass” is in their way.

We were, and are, in their way, for 500 years.

So, (((they))) get to accuse me of blood libel for their sins.

Yet I do not ”get to” accuse (((them))) of their CURRENT genocidal ambitions, or for being born into being a paypig for overseas overlords — so it was with the british crown, so it is today — and yet another theft or sale, or balkinization of ”our democracy” that I dont remember Nancy or Hillary asking for their ”democracy’s” input on — of the entire continent roughly along FEMA borders.

Yes , it’s quite possible that my ancestors were *cough* not quite as experienced with being cheated and exploited over contracts and real estate as yours were, in executing such contracts. Fortunately there are a few remaining glaring omissions you didn’t mop up.

To wit: the aforementioned treaties actually gave me superior claims as a so-called ”US citizen” than as an ”Indian.” So they’ll have to kill you all or make this idea of the ”US” or a ”US citizen” null and void in order to erase those rights.

God only knows theyre trying to do a little bit of both right now.

God knows they shut me up and shut me down at every opportunity.

Yes it’s entirely possible that my ancestors were about as savage and stupid as yours were, and are, opportunistic and genocidal. Always and forever.

Although you have done your best to erase any tribal cultural or ethnic identity I have, the simple fact is, nobody is buying the “good Arab / bad Arab ; good jew / bad jew ; good muslim / bad muslim” trope anymore. At least I have ancestors who actually had a tribal, cultural, or ethnic identity or a claim to the land I was born on. 

Now this part, I cannot substantiate, but I am “told” that I am somehow distantly related to Zebulon, and thus Albert, Pike. I don’t really understand how Mormons and settlers and cartographers are somewhere in the family tree, all I see when I look at my “family tree” is beer bottles, needles, and shotguns – but I do know about as much as I can , about my grandma and .. well, sorry, fuck those other people. 

Apparently, somewhere in the conflict , someone was raped and/or made love. 

And here I am, a “fucking white male” born into your “sins” and your debt, systematically discriminated against in every odious manner I am accused of.

I despise the left for their seething about my sexuality and/or skin color. Early on, the “tent” was “big enough for everyone” , and I’m actually really unhappy about the fact that Trump and or the so-called right, picked up enough of those nut jobs for them to drag the identity and racial politics, sexuality etc into the discussion.

I am with Jesse Kelly when he said he doesn’t want reconciliation or unification with any of you. I , also, want you to get and stay as far the fuck away as possible.

Enough about my history, let’s do yours now:

You are a syndicated, synanarchistic worldwide mafia who has subjected and terrorized this planet for thousands of years with your rules and “religion” for me, “goyimOS for thee” and I was born into slavery, vis a vis your IRS and Federal Reserve, to be a pay pig for the Crown (all three letter agencies were a front for the crown, yes, I said “were” as in past tense, until very recently) via laundered proxies in Rome, Israel, the Ukraine, whatever , same fucking scam forever.

And whenever the usury caves in on itself and the bills have come due, and the parasite has squeezed every drop of blood out of its host, the bill is settled with “uh oh, another plague” or the meat grinder of war. Over and over and over.

Normally it’s breeding age men in their prime who go into the machinery of war, uh oh, can’t have them starting lives or families… this time around, it’s “yasssssss, we love gays and transgenders and reddit degenerates, come enlist and , be a human meat shield.” Any recruitment effort at the behest of the United States Military is a solid reflection of who they want to murder this time. It’s switched from white high schoolers to darkies, gays, and troons and looooooosers with stolen valor and dishonorable expulsion of patriots and refoooooooosers. The CIA HAD, until recently, been able to commandeer entire units and give them direct orders, and many men and women who participated in such actions were then subsequently left alone to die in the jungle or the sand. 

The only “war” going on here is one side of the mafia fighting with the other, that is why the precision of shifty language — it is always a “conflict” or a “situation” or a “Arab spring” or a “color revolution” these days.

If you people don’t learn anything THIS TIME, for the love of god, go ahead and push the button.

Whoever Jesus was, there must be a good reason he detested the Nicolatians as much as he did. Anyway, “genetic memory” is real , as I have said before. It is why cats freak the fuck out when they see a cucumber, it’s the best explanation I have for why “hypnosis subjects” “near death experiences” (such as I myself have described) and those with “repressed memories” seem to have a phenomenon of telling the same story over and over and over again with many details mirrored / intact or a common thread running through them. 

Genetic memory persists from one clone to another which is where they get this crazy idea of “transhumanism” or “transplanting their souls” into a clone, forever young, forever immortal , all the things the Serpent promises you, right? Unlimited money? My kingdom for the blood of six gorilliion? Oh no, another plague from the crown! Failed “armageddon prophecies” volumes one through ninety nine, the meek await with baited breath. Anyway, a clone is one dimension lesser than its source material and you’re basically going to burst into flames or just disappear at the next dimensional shift, this is where we get funny ideas like the “rapture” from. They think they “got it” this time and I assure you, they do not. This information is encoded in me, as it is encoded in the “source” from which I came, where you cannot go , or censor or erase it, star seeds are human tape recorders , and if you’ve done business with the devil and his promises, or the Clintons, or Team Musk/Gates then good fucking riddance.

Atheists don’t believe in that, good for them. I believe in scientific inquiry and investigation, but I don’t believe in their god “science” or their “faith” in Murderna and Fraudzer.

I don’t need a war criminal ass psy-kike-atrist, psy-kikeatry is just more jewish bullshit. I just need you to reap the rewards of your deeds and die already.

I didn’t start off this way. You want to know who “radicalized” me? You did.

I’ve told a story about some psycho Berkeley bitch at a protest in LA who confronted me at a gas pump, told me I looked like a fucking “nazi” and I was like, oh good for you, you’re bullying a gay man pumping his gas *applause* so woke!Probably fancy yourself as some hyper-overdrive LGBTQ+ “ally” on social media, right?

I was holding an operational , flowing gasoline nozzle and I guess all I can say to that is, I must not be a violent person after all. Zero fucking chance I will ever march or fight shoulder to shoulder with anyone that hideous, for any reason, or for ANY cause. And that includes the “P.F.B.” and her beta orbiters too.

Dear Canada:

If you’re so sincerely sorrrrrrry for what you’ve done to indigenous populations then stop criminalizing speech about what you are still doing to them. If you won’t let me “tweet” it, fine, then introduce it into evidence, bitch. What do I have to look forward to in this life if you are not defeated?

This motherfucker in a warriors headdress-

“Splendid! When will you be leaving?”