I think my last straw with (the chatroom) was with “Joel” a fucking pervert and “food addict” who would come around chat pretending to be an addict and — you know private messaging was turned off because of perverted fucks like him on there looking for prey — and he would post his contact information repeatedly despite being asked not to.

He would grumble and bitch and complain about this rule every single fucking day, and one day he said something way the fuck out of line and then “apologized” and then laid into me about how “god says I have to forgive him because he apologized.”

I paused and went “are you a fucking Jew?”

He acknowledged that he was. 

I told him exactly where he could shove his ideas about god and his “goyimOS.”

Which is kind of funny if you think about it, but we’re going to leave my faith out of this – no matter who or what I purport to be about you’ll scream about what a sorry example of it I am anyway. Let’s start here: we are ***supposedly*** all obedient to the same god, or ***so I am told*** but I am pretty sure that I do not subscribe to this god of “Joel’s” understanding.

Anyway, he was so “sorry” he did it again the next day. 

I’m sure god is furious — just absolutely foaming at the mouth — with me. /s

Alright, this is when I finally burned that shithole website and all of its malignant jewish , satanic , predatory, or just flat out narcopathic fuckery to the ground. 

I do not purport to speak for god , Joel , but it’s a good thing god has a greater capacity for forgiveness and mercy than I do. If I had a big enough matchstick, I would set this world on fire.

Do your actions mention your heart’s intentions?
We’ll find out, we’ll find out
Is your mind mistaken? Is your conscience not at ease?
We’ll find out, we’ll find out
And do you strive to deny each kindred spirit in the room?
We’ll find out, we’ll find out
And is your highest pleasure now the misfortune of fools?
We’ll find out, we’ll find out

You hide nothing
Just believe it
We all see it

Timbre timbre , “We’ll find out”