Hey ! I bet we can make some kind of treatment out of – oh no, that sucks!!!!

Well darn, sitting around all gacked out and yanking on my ding dang, diddling while Rome burns, sounds hot and all, but my heart and whatnot, sigh.

“it’s not relapsing, it’s covid prophylaxis! Neiiiiiiiiiigh!” shit if i keep lying and spinning like that I might get offered Taylor Lorenz’s job.

We are at the stage where those dreams , those dreams, those dreams will not let me be.

But they’ve evolved from dreams about using drugs, to trying to find some way to pawn them for bitcoin and/or save for whatever future i have left.

cool, im in the obsession with financial insecurity and fear of failure phase. but when wasn’t I?

it always comes tumbling down.

it always runs its course.

its always some bullshit.

you get the keys to your house, cash and prizes and whatever , and ”hey, let’s make a plague!”

my sand castle is always reclaimed by the sea because this way of life isn’t meant to work.