Ladies and gentlemen , and everyone in between, this is the woman going on about the “elite” ruling class, LOL. I guess racial hatred and dividing americans on radicalized issues was good business for you. You knew it was ALL wrong when you publicly dissed Hillary. Now you have something to say while your ship is listing.

>Are you running for office? Would you like to save the world instead of molesting your own children and laundering endless tax dollars? That’s great! But do you know your constituency? Should you just stop at ending corruption and crimes against children then photoshopping Karen hair on your swampy opponent? Or should you go on lizard people hunting safaris and harass former astronauts? We can tell you what you need to do!


You should resign and go fuck off on your yacht somewhere because youve had your entire career to do the right thing. You haven’t even accomplished any of your um… conservative… goals like grabbing everyones guns and opening 24-hour Drive Thru abortion clinics. I agree its problematic that the country is run by an elite warmongering cabal, but Hawaii was one of the most locked down , oppressive, totalitarian shitholes in the entire united states during Muh Coof- locking tourists in their hotel rooms, fining and arresting people left and right – and I don’t remember you questioning anything then.

It’s not just the WEF connection you are far more problematic as a ahem, member of the Science of Identity Foundation (SIF), and an active Lt COLONEL of the US Army’s psyops department, whether youre engaged in offensive or defensive actions theres a special place in hell for psyoppers and i hope its 1000 years of “bad blood.”

So, retards on PDW are like ”yes mommy tulsi!” ”Trump/Tulsi 2024” this had better be her fucking army minions boosting her online because if it’s not … shes getting boosted by sock accounts sponsored by a hostile nation state actor or NGO, and THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING or — even worse , the MAGA people actually are, in fact, terminally retarded after all.

Women are inherently disloyal and opportunistic (hi, Susie) and can sense when the wind is changing and they will switch alliances to whoever they think will satisfy their ambitions or bring them greater success and thats why I do not trust women. This isn’t based. Its “basic.”

The only thing thats going to change my mind is if Tulsi walks the crooked hag up there and pulls the goddamn rope herself. MAYBE youll get a ”yassss based mommy tulsi” out of me then.

In light of what you confessed knowing today , you failed us miserably… yet you sure seem to have loved their money

Imagine all the people .. permabanned for their tweets