Would I lie to you?

五五五五五 hi there Trump-Endorsed Wendy hahaha if you arent worth at least a million dollars you arent worth talking to, pissant Fraudgers!





Poor Nick, he cant tell the difference between a Jew and the Iranians in Bidens cabinet larping as Jews, or well whatever. 25,000 fucking years of IM THE MARY! YOURE THE RHODA!l NOOO YOURE THE RHODA, IM THE MARY! 

Scapegoating. Without scapegoating and persecuting anyone who DARES question it, they are nothing.

Trump had an EO in place to prohibit scapegoating based on race/ethnicity , and one of the very first god damn orders Faux Biden signed , the second he was led to that desk by one arm like a child, was to rescind that order and Make Scapegoating Great Again , and Build Scapegoating Back Better. Good job, anti-racist dickheads.

Like it or not, the good jew/bad jew, good Arab / bad Arab , good muslim / bad muslim trope has been milked for every penny and every corpse its worth, give it a fucking rest, scapegoating based on rathe/ethnicity SHOULD BE outlawed, and it needs to be more inclusive if you will, than just merely protecting whatever gods special people (*cough* mafia *cough*) identify as , this generation.

Yall have spent .. the last idk .. how many years seething and crying about the overrepresentation of white Christian men, aka fucking white males in the workplace , openly encouraging discrimination in employment etc and if you succeed in blacklisting us from those, even just fucking living and breathing and minding our own fucking business seems to bother you. Twitter allows child pornography and it allows black people to sit there openly fantasizing about killing white people or cops and theyre fine with trolls obsessing about killing TERFS. Id like to know, Why is THIS not a complex or nuanced issue?

But to point out a certain demographics overrepresentation in banking and entertainment is hate speech and they will immediately *prove* they dont control the media or banking or social media by kicking you off all three and using all three to incite targeted harassment / deplatforming / discrimination against anyone who dares.

If you are okay with that , then you did not learn anything from what you yourselves claim to be victims of  you may as well close Le University of Tolerance for Goyim!

This entire fucking planet is going to be uninhabitable if you dont tell them ALL to go fuck themselves and their Jewish Fragility already.

Wendys apparently so certain I am a Russian disinformation bot, cause gods special people love dehumanizing people and reducing them to bots and trolls  I *could write a bot more intelligent that bitch, but why bother , I guess a bot cant be held accountable for what it says right? BEEP BEEP BLOOP!

But wait, theres more! My day is not over until Arizona sends Wendy home.

(yes I know its here twice this is in case the embed above gets deleted or terminated by Twitter)