The black parts are the guys cancer- (not his brain)

SMDH. Scroll down two posts. Stanford already fucking documented this SEVEN YEARS AGO in 2015 as ive said over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

“… too dangerous to use as a potential therapy in humans because of the risk of cancer”


NO SHIT. People might hesitate and refuse something that may give them cancer or make them drop dead if they were given proper informed consent about the risks as required by 45 USC 46, which mirrors the requirements for informed consent and voluntary (NOT COERCED) participation under Nuremburg code?

I dont give a fuck how much of a cracked out lunatic you think I am, thats from Stanford. Don’t bother memory holing it, I have copies of it all over the place. So listen. You don’t ”trust science,” you trust your fucking television.

You understand, dear, that knowingly withholding that information is against federal civil rights laws, its against Nuremburg Code, its conspiracy to deny civil rights, which is not an ”ethical dillema“ , its not ”spin” and its not ”optics” we have a god damned federal civil right to informed consent and voluntary participation FULL STOP, and a conspiracy to withhold that information thus depriving us of said civil right is a god damned federal felony. 

You know that thing in NCIC that they’re not supposed to tell me? they told me, they showed me, don’t act like you’re not here , do your job, please tell me you dont actually stand for this because im getting the distinct, and extremely disappointing impression that you do.