Really fucking hilarious article on the Washington Scratching Post:

All the histrionics of Dog the bounty Hunter. 

The TL;DR is that they’re all like ”i can tell how long the gringo’s been here by how tan he is.”

“Which failed Baja life do you think he went for? Windsurfing instructor..?”

pffft, which failed American life or ”dream” , or nightmare rather, did i leave… silicon valley engineer? truck driver ? cable tv or UPS guy?

They finally catch their suspect.

And their ”gringo” is literally fucking hispanic , kek

Nice tan, Gringo! been here a long time? kek

That said, ive commented before that people leave their keys in their cars and trucks , and when i asked why you do that, i was told “everyone knows thats not your truck.”

And you won’t get very far, if you have any cute ideas about robbing a store or taking something thats not yours. It’s nothing like this article says, but im not saying shit about it.

>An earlier version of this article incorrectly located San Felipe, Mexico, near the southern tip of Baja California state. San Felipe is closer to the U.S. border on the east coast of Baja California. 

You don’t have to believe me. At least i know where fucking san felipe IS: