Alex Jones has to pay $900 million for hurt fee fees over Sandy Hoax and paypal wants $2500 when you see things differently than they do.

Theyre offering their customers $15 lousy fucking dollars for the accidental “misinformation” they themselves disseminated, sounds really unfair to me.

If they’re not adding $2500 to my account for their ”misinformation” then fuck that company.

Meanwhile, every journalist and vaccine company and social media company who cried ”safe and effective” , silenced and banned ANY questions or dissent ,encouraged everyone to isolate, mock, and coerce people into taking that god damn fucking vaccine and swept every death and injury under the rug , don’t have to pay a fucking cent for what they did, tell me why the fuck some of y’all are clapping like seals about these developments? isnt that some SHIT?

Oh, are we going to do some actual fucking journalism today? Good for you, Scott.