They tracked our steps So that we could not walk in our streets. Our end was near; Our days were over, For our end had come.LAMENTATIONS 4:18 NKJV 18

… hi there, check out my WMDs, here’s the missiles encased in my office:

And right next to those here is my hypodermic needle inscribed with Daniel 12:11 

How many times a day do you and Ted pray to it, Bibi?

You know what’s really fucking interesting? The Edomites were the ones who cheered “let it [Jerusalem] burn!”

So uh; if your insane fucking death cult fails to artificially create conditions sufficient to ”fulfill muh prophecy” (again) will you please finally fuck off already?

I think this fucking planet has about had it with their entire existence revolving around being a pay pig for , or having to have an opinion about, or being slaughtered for your, “Muh Holy Spot in the fucking Sand.”

Greatest ally,” my ass.

Let me just ask you this: When is the last time anybody here was ever asked to give 60% of their income to Croatia or die for Ghana or Palestine’s interests? 

“oh; right, we will release those study results in 50 years and unseal our contract with Pfizer in 80 years, heh heh heh.” the hell you will, will that be right after the JFK declass, speaking of false promises and days that will never come?

Thanks to Stan and Janis and Joel, for all the evil you’ve permitted me to see.

Fuck Twitter anyway. I’m with Melania . Maybe I had better things to do than upload a picture of my breakfast or make a duckface and snap my 1000th hot selfie to upload on instagram again.

And fuck both of these guys.