Back to this business of faltering faith, there is no “plan,” no one’s coming to save us. I doubt the giant goddess will rip off her chains and kick that green door down and fuck some shit up. And I doubt that God will come down from the clouds and “beat up all the bad guys,” even if I am one of them and need my ass kicked too.

I am left with prayers, not for supplication , and not even really for gratitude at this point but sometimes I can muster a request to just change one person and work through that person, as God apparently seems to , from time to time .. take one person doing something they know is VERY wrong and change their heart and work through them. I have a faint enough pulse left on my faith to ask for that.

Consider the release of two movies:

  1. The Exorcist, released in 1973.
  2. “Oh, God” starring George Burns, in 1977.

A salient point made by the latter is that society was perfectly willing to suspend their disbelief and immerse themselves in this idea that Satan manifested in some little girl, spitting pea soup everywhere, head spinning around, flung a priest down the stairs and all that ..

And yet scoffed at the premise of God manifesting somewhere on earth or working through someone in “Oh, God.”

It’s almost like it was another “economic shock test” as described in SWFQW

(Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars)

If it was, then they’ve been at war against us longer than I have even been alive.

Once I give you enough examples of “shock tests,” economical, societal, etc.

It cannot be unseen.

I might be screwed up, but Hollywood , Hollywood is 10/10 *FUCKED* up.

Anyway here is another one: Will you comply, will you don the mask that you know doesn’t work, will you shame and bully other people and shut them out out of society and your lives if they don’t ”vote” (lol) for insane radical agendas, follow the plastic arrows on the floor, voluntarily line up to sterilize yourselves or die? Will you stand up for the national anthem or eat the Bad Blue Man or the Bad Orange Man or the BAD Red Woman’s shit all over again?

I already told you that human behavior is not predictable unless your perceptions are completely controlled and contained within a limited frameset. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be tested or that they won’t try…..

One of the many ways that this control can be exercised is by shunning anyone from the walled “garden” who does not conform to the “hive” or have a single flying fuck left to about $CURRENT_THING , or even make you cream your jeans just absolutely wet and giddy with excitement at the thought of turning a friend or a relative in to the thought police or the kommisar… Darpa-controlled social media operations such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, presumably other customers of “Hive, ” i.e. “Parler” are an extension of mind control and social control agendas. You are factually in a mild state of hypnosis and suggestibility when you are scrolling, scrolling, scrolling endlessly on your device and then that is where tailored/targeted propaganda comes into play.

The inverse / opposing effect in play here is that they cannot leverage these same mind control operations to GAUGE public sentiment or whether they have hit their notes , or whether these fossilized fucking fools or their ridiculous , life endangering, wicked agendas have as much “public support” as they have been led to believe— because , everyone it’s not working on, is fucking banned. It’s just .. enforced, and more often than not “paid” or coerced fucking “consensus” … 

In other words, it is worthless. I have given you enough information to extrapolatewhy you can’t break pol, but if that is something you’re interested in doing, I’m not going any further and you are more than likely too dumb to figure it out.

“understatement of the fucking century” ?