And anybody who had a dissenting opinion or tried to warn others were banned , deplatformed, debanked, among other things I have already mentioned. 

Even nurses, tenured doctors, researchers and actual scientists and “real” experts, not just “experts on TV” (one of whom wasnt even in the medical field , and was just a porn actress they pulled off of onlyfans, but ”okay,” sure she was passed off on TV as knowledgable and important enough for you to obey, and many of you did smdh) were silenced and banned , or fired and ruined, a few of them went to jail or lost their residency, hospital privileges, and/or licenses after going a quarter million in debt and spending 8-12 years on college, they were so sincere about expressing their concerns no matter the cost! never mind me!

You didn’t have shit to say about that becauae you were never banned, you never lost your ”brand.” In fact you were on the receiving end of privilege, favortism, and promotion. And that is what you chose to do with it.

Your wife’s a doctor, right? I guess not a very good one.

“Honey, these right wing conspiracy theorists keep talking about winter vagina — you’re not — you , know … “

“No, I’m not any drier down there for you than usual, Ben!”

I just want to know how much you were paid.

Unrelated note: Yikes. I think i prefer driving an old car that *i* can barely control.