If you really sit down and think about the fact that these fuck-for-brains retards , “allegedly” “from NA” have devoted the amount of energy that they have since 2010, into ”protesting” , defacing, fucking with, or engaging in tortorous interference with the chatroom , threatening to ”end my antics” or “nuke me from orbit” and/ or encouraging others to beat, murder, imprison me or whatever ….. 

You can threaten to travel thousands of miles to assault me or disturb me in my home — but at least three or four of you sorry sad sacks live right by there and cant be bothered to take a marker to a piece of cardboard or a posterboard and hold up a protest sign at Boston University right now

Says so much about all of you, if not whoever or whatever the fuck put you up to all of that. Must real good about yourselves, you know, raising so much hell , so persistently and for so long, over something that’s just so fucking important.

I saw a sign for an english speaking NA group.

Maybe one of these nights ill take some white paint over there and change the sign to say ”NAhhhh

Anyway enough of that nonsense already. If you had any concern for how badly some of you fuck people up, none of this would have ever happened.

Short of asking God himself to come down from the clouds and beat the bad guys up, I am only able to ask him to work through others as he usually tends to.

All it will take is one person, doing something they know is not right, to have a change of heart, a change of conscience, and to change their mind.

And, no, not you Susie. 

We’re done.