Guess all the actuaries are getting pissed off about the 40% uptick of death and disability claims from the safe and effective thing.

“its not killing everyone fast enough!”

“how does 80% sound?”

like , who does this? 

oh , darpa again. reeeeeeally , i dont believe it!

“But it’s not for Gain Of Function, it’s for some OTHER profit seeking activity that endangers 80% of the planet and has a survival rate of 20% instead of the 99.89% survival rate of covid-19! Another new drug we don’t need (nitazoxanide) that we can patent and charge you up the ass for! Never mind all the other drugs that (allegedly, per DARPA itself) “work”, and are summarily banned in the United States as quickly as they’re discovered or acknowledged, all because their patents are expired!” NO EXCUSES.

Update for October 19th 2022: I have been going around asking to the best of my ability — since I am god damn fucking BANNED EVERYWHERE you assholes — why some “virus” with a “kill rate of 80%” is something to be celebrated, wouldn’t it be a weapon of mass destruction and did we not invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein, and kill about a million people in the process, for less than this?

Furthermore, this LIE about Iraq’s non-existent WMDs was used as justification to weaponize the FBI , spy on Americans and treat them as though they were criminal subjects for exercising their constitutional rights, such as protected assembly and/or speech for the next 20 years.

So here we are today, with Boston University playing with strains of “covid” that by their own admissionhave a 80-100% fatality rate, did you flaming idiots NOT learn anything from “wuhan” or “covid-19” or 2019-present?

I need you to understand this: The best way to respond to disputed facts or so called misinformation, is not through censorship. It is by responding with better facts. But I am getting accustomed to 1) Twitter purging anyone to the right of Mao and Pol Pot for every presidential election and midterm, 2) my so called elected representatives snidely shooting me down and either making public statements that people worth less than 7 figures aren’t real , or worth anyone’s time (and .. really that’s none of your god damned business, lady) , or in some cases saying I should contact “my own states” representatives as I have previously bitched, and 3) Once again, Allison Fauci is a so called “software engineer” at Twitter, and you will be shortlisted and removed if you say anything bad about her daddy on that platform.

The update is that DARPA denies having anything to do with it, something to the effect that “yes, we fund that lab, but we didn’t fund THIS, they did this with their OWN money” and the University itself is saying “we didn’t create a virus with an 80% kill rate, we took one that has a 100% kill rate and reduced it to 80%!”

I beg your pardon? Where the fuck did they get their hands on one with a 100% kill rate? Le Coof, at least in the short term, had what, a 99.8 percent survival rate? Keep an eye on those cd4 cells and WBCs , surviving seroconversion = winning the battle, not winning the war.

Editorial notes: DARPA is straight up not credible on this or on any topic, flat out lied and also denied directly or indirectly funding the “Wuhan lab” , to wit, funding Peter Daszak and his EcoHealth alliance.

You buttmad genocidal mother fuckers over DARPA directly order Facebook and Twitter to dig a digital ditch for anyone who disparages your agency or that incompetent murderer Tony Fauci — while others go to SDNY (successfully) arguing that Twitter is the “public square” and that people should be allowed to disparage/abuse Donald Trump with absolutely no consequences whatsoever because of a heretofore undiscovered constitutional right that only applies to left wing lunatic shitlibs (Knight First Amendment v Twitter) , updating my personal blog is not something I can do immediately as “facts (lies) about a situation rapidly change” in Google’s parlance, though in this case I wanted to make an exception and remind you, and anyone else who will fucking listen to me, that you people hung Saddam Hussein for less than this.