America deserves a president who can look back on his term(s) and say “No president has done more for America than I have.”

Between this and his new job as a vaccine salesman, ntm the fact that Fauci got a promotion and a raise instead of an indictment or a military tribunal, i really do not like this orange Jesuit motherfucker anymore.

Now i know how everyone else felt 7 years ago, when Alex is like ”no, i love that guy!!!!!”

I was with Jill for 2016 and that made y’all asses seethe as well, even though she checked all your boxes like legalizing sex work and going balls to the walls borderless globohomo. 

She seemed to be the only adult in the room , including President Clinton, who wasn’t zooted on drugs or lying their ass off when I saw a bunch of ridiculous candidates in Vegas. I liked her but OTOH going through their party platform was cringe. ”Why does this piss everyone off so much? its everything you guys seem to want.”🤔

Notably absent from their platform: Imminent war with Eastern Europe.

Los idiotes quiere lo que quire.