Ipv4 (the scheme for addressing things .. like computers, or you , or whatever) was “invented,” or at least, publicized anyway, in 1980:

What was it created for? Even in 2013, Bill Gates himself was still dismissive of it:

On Friday, Bill Gates strongly criticized the idea of the Internet as a world savior. “As a priority? It’s a joke,” he said in an interview with Financial Times on Friday.“BILL GATES: THE INTERNET WON’T SAVE THE WORLD” 1-1-2013 


“By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.”


The “world wide web”, or colloquially , “the internet” as most of you know it was created 8 years after ipv4 , in 1989, by Tim Berners-Lee over at Cern.

Let’s talk about some numbers.

How many ipv4 addresses existed in 1980?

A: 3,706,452,992 , with 588,514,304 “reserved addresses.”

Who received the original allocations of ipv4 addresses? 

What were the 588,514,304 IP addresses reserved for? 

Nat was proposed in 1994.

Why is Bill Gates so obsessed with overpopulation?

In 1970 there were more humans than available IP addresses.

Motorola made the first prototype cellphone (The Dynatac 8000X) in 1973 , and if ESNs were part of the original design , it would seem inevitable — even that early on, before the tech was refined or coverage solidly available — that we already had more people on the planet than available ESNs or ipv4 addresses.

“What about covering the entire earth, ensuring there is no place to run or hide?”

“Oh , we just need to take away your cars… get you all together in ghettos- errrr, I mean smart cities .. “

In 1981, apparently they felt like they were good to go — the “guidestones” went up, the plague was spread, the infrastructure and technology were finally more widespread , and there were a billion more humans than available IP addresses.

And so , blah blah blah, “muh god punished muh gays with Le AIDS.” 

32,000,000+ dead. Fauci has been in on this goddamn thing for what, 60 years? 

But the internet and related economical engines, and innovation in those spaces unexpectedly kept the whole rotten mess creaking along for another 40 years — pretty impressive IMO — but here we are, 2019 and the machine is broken again , and “We have to get these shots into at least 5 billion arms.”

Check out some patents by some fellow named Richard C Walker, who worked for HP from 1981-2001 or so. This is the guy who refers to our human bodies as “wet ware” in his patents. There is about zero fucking chance this one single gentleman invented, designed, and drew all these.

The original patents describe every connected device needing an “ESN,” which basically called for satellite or cellular connectivity. The idea of a “MAC address,” or “bluetooth” and its related MAC addresses would come much later.

They have had prototypes for their social control schemes in place for a long time and some people are unwitting participants in unlawful human experimentation. That infrastructure started winding down in February of this year. It never would have “scaled to the global population” , so the original plan on the guide stones called for culling the population down to 500,000,000 “in perpetual balance with nature” which is , flatly bullshit , they carved out 588,514,304 addresses for the social control agenda and left a little room for some controlled population growth.

IPV6 solved the addressing issue, now your cat and your toaster and your refrigerator could all have their own address.

And with “5G” we have the bandwidth to connect it all and some hope of maybe connecting it all , at the speeds and bandwidth that would be necessary. Anyway, the old system’s being decommissioned and the new one doesn’t work very well.

Down the road we’re probably going to learn of unanticipated consequences like, damage to the blood brain barrier , free radical damage and oxidative stress or other long term health consequences. 

A number of things have happened that don’t really involve us under the Bad Orange Man’s watch, like 200 of the Saud family being arrested , Russia’s beef with Israel via Ukraine as a proxy , Trump attempting to take control of the Treasury and Fed as I mentioned, in April 2020. I don’t know which of these events — or others that we are not aware of — triggered the “Samson option” on the whole planet , but it seems to have been forced … a little sooner than anticipated.

And it is.. how you say ? … “not good.”

I believe , you will find , that “human trafficking” means more than you assume. You ask “where’s Ghislaine’s client list?” , well. *gulp* I think I just named some of them.

Here is an excellent writeup of the whole thing, in which you will see about half of the original assignees — and IBM — and some very very big names in politics, big tech, and in Joe Biden’s weaponized , politicized, Department of Injustice.

Here is a decent writeup of the patents and companies and backstories involved. Thank god I don’t have to sit here and write the whole damn narrative for you.


Daisy Hogg screeches to “get that Texas toast” and they want to grab your guns.

I am a little late for the soap box. 

Our courts are a little too crooked to be counted on, i.e. the jury box , which is being proven in slow motion with relatively unimportant cases that are drawing attention in the news right now. These “losses” will serve as evidence that every single branch , every single check and balance we allegedly have, is compromised.

Democrats just drafted a bill to exempt themselves from being audited by the IRS.

The whole farce of “vote for the lesser of two evils” , and insiders born with a silver spoon in their hand screaming “IT’S MY TURN” (including Pence) , all of it is a huge shitshow and it its coming to a head.

The swamp won’t drain itself.

When did I know?

Long before they raided my house and put me on the front page of my local papers and did a frame up job on me and a few of my friends at that time.

They changed the whole fucking narrative, does not matter, neither version is true

Oh, the ah, “cove of chaos” ? I think you meant to say “Global Hell,” right?

Oh no, this totally vanished in March 2008! My targeting began 2 months later, even though it was part of their justification for flagging my NCIC , surveilling me, and whatever the fuck else they have done to me. But the “realm of chaos” never fucking existed. They just did not want to mention the fact that this was all interwoven into the 60 or so people behind “Global Hell.” Probably a bunch of fed bois who got us one way or another even if they never filed a single charge on us.

“Drug trafficker,” my ass…….. that is just the black budget that pays for it all.

“I can’t save the world, I can only watch.”FILM: “EARLY WARNING” (1981)