I got the power connected at my new place today and its .. not as nice as the one im leaving, but its nicer than my previous place in Mexicali (basically a concrete shell ”in the dry” in construction parlance) *chuckle*

theres no cell signal or internet there .


but i can use the wifi at the grocery store to get my fix of frog memes and crazy people seeing signs or ”comms” in everrrrrrrrything, even when theyre not there. maybe im not a well woman anymore but i see lots of people whove cracked like a fuckin egg at this point — and some of them hold the highest offices in the land

really fucked me up, el perro muy stupido ran up and down the stairs by my side for every trip, biting at my pockets, he figured out i was moving out. real sweet temperament if he likes you but he’ll eat your leg or chase your motorcycle or attack your car if he doesnt. maybe thats why we bonded. 

Theres black hats, white hats, and ”ass hats” , and ”thats your big announcement? no shit. trump presumably banned them from doing business here for a reason.” 

Never mind ”our democracy,” Woodward, what about our lives? But hey, we’re supposed to be the ”i just wanna live innawoods and chop my own firewood and find a nice tard wife (durrrrr, drool) and have muh guvmint leabbbe me alone,” right? so what the fuck, its not like im crying ”save me, washington post!

im just saying “everyone dies if you have a little TOO MUCH darkness” for breakfast, ok?

i never “met” leslie jordan and i dont watch tv or movies or know him in even that sense but had a chance to hear him speak publicly once and therefore had no idea what i was in for. And this tiny old queen said something so scandalous and vulgar *i * blushed , (well played!) and im still snickering about it 10 years later.