Why did wikipedo revert this edit pertaining to 🪰 Stephen Colbert’s 🪰 most recent episode ?

Every single edit to line 29 , and this revert, to line 29 on Colbert’s taping information have been made from the same net range on Charter Communications. 

We have a big vote tomorrow , on providing Pfraudzer and Murderna with more “immunity” than either of their products provide:

It’s so ”safe and effective” it needs to go in front of the CDC right away so they can be protected from liability for how safe and effective it is 🤔

>Stephen Colbert hasn’t been seen so far this week. Both Monday and Tuesday night featured repeats, leaving fans wondering if The Late Show was just enjoying a long weekend.

>Unfortunately, that break will only continue on Wednesday. There will not be a new episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight.

I didn’t write this one but , yeah actually, this is funny as .. well, funny as shit!