Anyway, it’s been real. See ya in November 2023* , because nothing ever happens.

And if it does, “sometimes the planet just deserves it.”

If I have anything to clarify here, it would be that I see parallel psychological realitiesas something that are very real, deliberately manufactured (“narratives”) and weaponized, and “they” have done everything imaginable to divide us or keep us from sharing information or learning anything from each other, cause they don’t really care about “us.” They lie and lie and lie and lie, because one of those avenues of manipulation gets shattered when the truth is widely disseminated from one side of the railroad tracks to the other. Being able to perceive those parallel psychological realities (what I referred to as linear intertwined strands or something like that) is more like being a “time spider” than a “time” “traveler.” You’re observing parallel potentialities , and all hell breaks loose after that. Have you tried counting from 1-30 and saying the word “Mississippi” in between every word recently? 

You know what’s fucked up? Netflix doing a series on Dahmer, and all of globohomo’s media pets gushing over that , 1) that’s fucking sickening and 2) the SAME fucking assholes– literally goons from Obama’s cabinet — censor me, promote THAT garbage, and yet are are offended by my Twitter? Fuck off w/ that.

If you want to do a story about a serial killer who offed a bunch of gays? Tony Fauci killed at least 32 million people that we know of so far… and that was just from AIDS.. probably considerably more than that since Slick Willy and the CDC changed the definition of ” AIDS” in 1993. Since they like to lie so much about pandemics, it is entirely possible that some of us are infected from “SARS” back in 2012 (recall that vaccine killed a few dozen people and was halted) and ran a 9-10 year course to “symptomatic AIDS” which would put you in 2021-2022.