I don’t know if she is who she says she is any more than you know if I am who I say I am. Equal treatment from DARPA, the White House, Vangard, Blackrock, and Saudi Arabia, right?

You know im a little more irked and/or testy yhan the average bear by these sons of bitches, right?

I have been flagged as a so called ”drug trafficker” in at least one of my NCIC profiles (yes, you read that correctly) for god only knows what fucking reason. It is 100% bullshit, im sitting running the so called ”NA chatroom” and these dirty shitbird cops are framing me for that?

I’m not saying Shiloh put me on it , but him and Stan certainly accessed it , or know someone who exceeded their authorized access to it, bragged about ,it and encouraged others to falsely report me to the DEA as a ”drug kingpin“ over a god damn chatroom, okay? over Jesse ”trolling them” and their paranoid drugged out asses blaming me and filing false reports to ”get even with me.”

I have mentioned this before , and I have already made tasteless and derisive commentary that i would be the worst drug mule imaginable. i would be parked at the first Super 8, ankles to the ceiling, chattering my teeth, sweating my titties off, staring at grindr and smokin all your shit.

“oh hes crazy hes using.”

Yeah okay, so here’s the deal the Sheriffs office in Pilot Point showed me “that NCIC profile”, and video footage of my vehicle , on his MDT. I do not have delusions of persecution, i was framed up by my lying ass corrupt god damned government and surveiled under false pretenses.

I am over a year sober and stand by my story.

I don’t hate my country.

But I hate the fucking corrupt ass, mafia controlled , genocidal , pravda ass Stasi State that it has become.

Law enforcement, my allegedly ”elected” so called “representatives” have no use for me and it is mutual at this point.

I really do not care if you think im crazy or that this is funny. Because it is what it is and if I am so profoundly fucked in my head that I imagined this whole encounter and revelation from a Sheriff’s department who is not amused with shit like this being done to citizens , where they can tell its bullshit just by taking one look at you… well then I guess I am pretty fucked, alright.

You wont like it when this is legal, above the board, no false pretenses or programs necessary, and it’s your turn. Is my abject contempt for retards who think they’re getting free anything, other than a free jackboot on your face forever and ever and ever, a little too obvious for everyone’s comfort?

Hint: It isn’t ”funny.”

I have more or less been left alone (provided I stay away from trouble) for over two years since obtaining my green card and getting the fuck out of there. I have absolutely no desire to return.

I am glad that son of a bitch Shiloh is dead. 

Rest in piss, f*g.

I cannot wait until Stan and Janis follow him to hell. I have this mental image of Satan telling them all ”whoa whoa whoa, easy now the guy just got here” when they snatch the pitchfork out of his hand and giddily gang up on the new arrivals.

Miranda will probably outlive us all, unless she has some kind of freak accident with a dog knot rupturing her insides because evil never dies.