I’m over here like, ”I don’t want people to die.”

And ”my government censors my accusations of war crimes , bioterrorism, illegal human experimentation, and / or genocide…”

I’ll gladly shut up when people start acknowledging these issues.

Meanwhile, im banned for completely petty and arbitrary reasons , falsely told im ”evading a ban” with my account that had been open since 2014 (i mean ive deactivated it of my own volition many times and ive told that company to go fuck itself six ways to sunday by email and first class mail) … im not even in the fucking united states and people from India decide what im ”allowed to” say. 

i don’t intend to return and ”vote” but REEEEEEEE *trash can* , you know, conspiring to deny people their vote, stuffing the box, altering records, also constitutes ”conspiracy to deny civil rights.” my intent isn’t important, the fact the these companies grab the sickle and shitcan tens to hundreds of thousands — or maybe even millions — of potential opposition at the ballot box (its not just the USA. example: when they purged 40,000 of LePen’s supporters in one day in 2016) like clockwork just in time for every midterm or presidential election, for no other reason than to influence those elections is a fucking federal crime.

I won’t matter soon. Everyone already knows it.

They were just afraid to lose their ”brand” or their precious account, i have lost more fucking accounts, friends and family, and people i dont know, about as often as i change my underwear.

My day isn’t over until every prisoner in the world is free.

meanwhile, notably NOT ”banned for life” — you can have an ”n word pass” you can name muh ”joooooz” (*cough* shock tests *cough* not everything’s for you, i might clean that up later) the one thing you can not do is call that murdering incompetent son a bitch Tony Fauci a murdering incompetent son of a bitch.

What would you do with a “muh free speech” if you had one? This is … so .. ”gab in 2016.”

My old chat bot would simply change your nickname to ”imstupid” and totally ignore it if you used that word. It was more fun and effective, it completely stopped that shit almost overnight. I loathed censorship but only slightly less than I loathed tyrants , predators, and bullies.

I like this one.

Well, i think i lost today’s bet. And a paycheck. BAD BOT. But November is dividends month , and i could use a vacation. It’s … whatever.. that everyone is shouting what some of us have been saying and getting shitcanned for , for years now from the rooftops, maybe im no longer necessary, but it doesnt feel good or vindicating at all. The damage is done.

I could name names that refused to acknowledge any interaction whatsoever , who are saying it all now that its ”safe” and your first problem is that you pretend that being an idiot on internet on the internet is ”journalism” or a ”career” and i just do it for fun or because im pissed off. Now you want a cookie, fuck you. 

Its so horrible that i wish i were an insane consiracy whacko and that none of it was true so i could go lay down in a padded room and tell the nurse whether i want jelllo or pudding. 

i seriously think y’all are the ones who need meds though. Again, i dont care about being ”United” or ”healed” with those giddy psychopaths who wanted us unemployed, incarcerated, broke, dead, denied medical care or basic neeeds, marginalized us, and excluded us from private and public spaces (both digital and face to face). Enjoy the separate beds and lives you carved out for your children, your parents, your grandparents, and friends you blocked and never spoke or gave so much as one single passing concern to again for 7 years.

At the risk of repeating myself yet again, i was raised a jehovahs witness and saw lots of those brainwashed whackjobs disown and disinherit immediate family members at the urging of the ”elders” and other members. Unless it was pedophilia, then they just gave you unsupervised access to even more adolescent boys..

So i already know cult faced brainwashed fucks, and child fucking groomers when i see them ok? Fuck Elon. Congratulations to Bill Gates for having editorial control of Twitter by proxy. As for the rest of you , you’re ignorant as hell if you think anyone behind ANY of that has turned a new leaf or has changed their plans. until they are in leg irons and identify as ”the Defendant.”Please stay the fuck away from me.

“It’s easier to … you know.. not fuck people up …than it is to repair broken men.”

Speaker Pelosi, you don’t have to sell us out over cheap blackmail anymore, everyone knows your husband’s a degenerate *** who needs rehab, no one cares. America and California deserve better than you. Resign.

yes, ”maga people” live in hippie communes in Berkeley with rainbow flags outside. give me a fucking break.

“he who does not move, does not feel his chains.” ROSA LUXEMBOURG