“Peaceful transfer, Peaceful protests,”

I give even less of a shit about Pelosi, Gosar, Brooks, and Biggs self-inflicted false flag , set up by Karl Rove and his pockmarked ”new right” fucktoy Ali Alexander(now rebranded ”america first” , whose new darling ”America the Great Satan” Nick Fuentes is 100% endorsed by the VERY. NOT. BASED, Wendy Fraudgers) (look the first part of that up, its been in print on several other mainstream news agencies who still engage in any modicum of ”reporting” worth anyones time, hell even waporollingstone AND politico admit it— you can’t lie about ALL of the things ALL of the time, god knows they TRY) … than I care about the price of Dallas Cowboys tickets or the price of Lindsey Graham’s tampons.

There’s Liz Cheney going ”durrr durrr durr whut happened, i need $6 billion dollars to get the bottom of this” But you didnt come here for MSM’s hot take, so click here, this is way more fun:


Picture if you will, a scenario where the electors had been rejected on January 6th. This would have made Nancy Pelosi the ”president” while the whole matter was litigated. We have one little problem with that: She anticipated that and set up the ”insurrection” complete with her own , and CNN’s camera crews ready to sound tough and take charge of her own goddamn “insurrection.” So they went ahead and certified the potatus, you know, Brandon, the ”I visited my grandson, and oh, never mind.” Guy. You’re being trolled. Come on, it’s funnyGiven an option between DC’s worst-kept secret (Biden died) or Nancy Pelosi, they called the DNC on their bluff. If you have to choose between two corpses .. you know, the thing. That bitch must have been so pissed off and salty she bit down and broke her dentures.

“Muh peendemic, have to work remotely so everyone stops asking why im escorted everywhere by marshals who look pissed off!”

So if I have this correctly, it’s ok to “storm the capitol” to further leftism, AOC will even lead the pack:

If leftists literally BOMB the United States Capitol, like they did in 1983, noooooothat’s not the worst attack on “our democracy” or the Capitol Bldg for that matter!

I swear on three dead white men I saw a picture of Trump on the floor , bloody , at the foot of some table on January 6th and I have neeeeeever seen that picture since. Propaganda? Photoshop. Maybe. Kathy Griffin seemed to enjoy making “art” of a dead POTUS , I’m just telling you, I seent’ some weird shit that week. Remember the ”quantum internet” and ”targeted propaganda ” posts, such as ”fuck your mkultra talmudvision” ? I distinctly remember a newscast where Trump said he was being installed as Fed/Treasury chair or whatever and things got a little weird after that.

I maintain they show different groups of people different falsehoods on certain platforms as a form of agitprop or to otherwise incite them. Like, if they think you’re black or gay or white or whatever they intentionally show you shit to stress you out and cause this strife in your mind. It does not work very well on me because I don’t really watch television , I’m usually banned from social media. I’m on to them and I call out their shit when I am not. Furthermore I havent believed a word those sorry fuckers say on TV since 2015.

Hopefully Trump is alive and letting “Joe Biden” , whether that’s him or not, take the blame in all the history books for this shitshow exploding under his watch.

Now we have Obama going “come on guys, this race stuff has gone too far.”

Oh, the “community organizers” you funded and trained? Ferguson , anyone?

Let’s talk about it ya Indonesian fag. 

At 4% US is more or less insolvent as of this week, nobody’s buying the poison they laundered through the IMF and attempted to extract and/or extort as sovereign debt from other countries and they didnt have a plan B other than murdering everyone in the name of war and Israel again.

Or do they? do CBDCs have an ”undo” button?

Can they?

Should they?

5%, we’re going to be eating grass and twigs. 6% and we’re going to be eating each other. As someone else once famously said , ”we don’t have to eat ALL of the rich. We just have have to eat a FEW of them , the rest will fall into line.”

Regarding the sovereign debt extortion through poisonous substances and money laundering: Based AMLO told the IMF in a more diplomatic and tactful manner than I can muster, to ”eat shit.”

But theyre going to throw England into the fire first. Soros ass raped them in the 80s and it’s been a long time coming. My whole life basically. And what happened then? ding ding ding ”AIDS” what if i told you, theyve done this over and over and over and over. revelation isnt prophecy its a retelling. now now, goyim, just stay calm and wait for jesus to save you. Thou shalt not kill, heh heh heh, now take your bread and your wine and your plague.

Religion is bullshit. We’re in so-called Christianity’s end game cycle where nobody is thirsty for nor offering the gospel anymore. They’re saying prayers for Adam Lanza , they’re worshipping and funding terrorists who would not hesitate to burn the congregation down with every white person inside.

Lam 4:18 They tracked our steps So that we could not walk in our streets. Our end was near; Our days were over, For our end had come.

And Jesus wasn’t even born yet.

It has been >2,000 years and my heavenly father still hasn’t returned for his kids so that settles that, I am pretty sure Jesus is black.

Now, i think the party starts tomorrow but they’re still in denial that we’ve been fucked since 2019, and probably 2008 for that matter. Don’t expect CNN to trumpet this on the front page tomorrow, they’re too busy intimidating and harassing victims of the FBI and anyone who knows them.

Chase didnt ”de bank” “Ye.” Those kardashian bitches are evil and superficially rich , they are fucking with that man in some way. They’re giving billionaires a hint to get their assets out of there by December. If that is even him. Pretty valuable estate for his grieving goblina widow, layer if not hatcher of his eggs. Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson send their warmest regards. If you actually still bank with Chase you will just get fucked, common peasant. 

Pussy can just ruin a man, and if you know then you know , but that thing is a fucking soul shredding sucubus, stop worshipping it. Get your daughters away from that hideous thing, do not put anyone from that family in a position of any more privilege than they already have or its going to be a long and tedious 4 fucking years of Instagram makeup tutorials from the governors mansion or worse.

CNN’s impression of their viewers intelligence:


Disappointingly, they might be correct.