I don’t know which post made the deadbird mad this time, but those child fuckers and troons in a padded room can go fuck themselves right along with Elon and his microchips and his vaccines and his ”X” app.


The only thing that will get you deplatformed faster than Naming The ***, is disparaging Toni Fauci — whose daughter works at Twitter as a “software engineer” (now look up his wife’s job!) or calling out DARPA.

Heres everything you need to know about Twitter. Elon is not a good guy, or your friend, or about “muh freeze peech,” he’s one of “good” public faces of Team Bill Gates and thats a disturbing statement but, here you go.

If you read this and dont immediately delete your account on Twitter and Facebook accounts, there is probably nothing else of value to you on this blog:


Darpa forbids any discussion of their war crimes on their honeypots dressed up as the “public square.” go read the @darpa account where they brag about it all in fucking 5/2019.

Montagnier was right. HIV/AIDS is a bigger profit center than most countries annual GDP, just like ”COVID” just somehow happily and coincidentally turned out to be for a slew of newly minted billionaires, just wait until you find out what “human trafficking” means in the context of Epstein and Maxwell.

Elton John brings in > $300,000,000USD every year for ”aids charity” and the USA alone pays, fuck i dont know, 6 trillion USD+ on this racket- the financial costs to society and the human condition are literally unquantifiable , they dont want it to go away, they just want to give everyone a ”healthcare score” and do away with them when theyre no longer profitable. Elton needs $490,000£ a year to keep the lawn watered. AIDS and covid are here to stay. If your hospital or doctor uses Epic Systems, RUN if you can, CRAWL away if you can’t.

And you know what the fucking braindead bird app and Reddit are all seething about today? Not their own government (and their pravda ass mockingbird media) engaging in psychological warfare and bioterrorism against them. 

Not the fact that the USA is stocking up on anti-radiation medicine — good shit, you’ll live one more day and die of organ failure *slow clap* — no we’re foaming at the mouth over WORDS ON A SCREEN and MEN being sexually rejected by LESBIANS. 

“Sometimes the fucking planet just deserves it.”

Oh, “there were no animal studies done.” 


You want a ”source” ? Here, Stanford University concluded in 2015 that ”prior mrna experiments” were problematic and that *foreign* mRNA persisting in the body for more than 48 hours had ”deleterious effects” including being potentially carcinogenic. Are you telling me, NOT ONE OF THESE GOD DAMN PEOPLE KNEW THAT?

I had some nitpicking dweeb go ”well aktshually, mRNA is naturally present in your body already-“ *bitchslap* ok fine FOREIGN MRNA . Why the fuck do you want to jump in front of the bullet first, young lady?