“According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off of the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don’t give a fuck what humans think.” 🐝

I love your new look:

Fixed it for you:

Seems kind of ridiculous in retrospect wasting all that energy informing all who cared to read me that “addicts are incredibly shitty , disloyal, and dishonest people who lie about everything.”

… no shit. in other news, water is wet.

If you missed the highlights , you didnt miss anything. I hit a year sober in September 2022, and I thank the pandemic for keeping me from returning to my abusers or constantly sitting in a room with them while they repeat and reinforce their tautological gibberish that the things that they themselves are unwilling to do , “work if you work them” somehow. Twelve years in those rooms did less for me than one year of getting as far the fuck away from them as possible.

I might not have chosen to disassociate from other gays, you all have kind of been self-selecting over politics and other nonsense with me for 7+ years and that’s been lonely — look, you’re not ostracizing, coercing, shaming, and “punishing” people on accident, this is totally on fucking purpose, that’s just what .. cults do. Now that I see it for what it is today, I would still say “fuck you and your ultimatums” and it would still 100% be by choice. 

You have to look at the upside: 80% prevalence of substance abuse disorders, people’s rejection is god’s protection.

I have other interests and this isn’t the end.

d saying no to drugs looks good on me.